We will replace traditional online questionnaires with something much smarter....
We will replace traditional online questionnaires with something much smarter.
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Allen McKay

I have worked with Rasto & his team over the past 5 months and have always been impressed by their vision and ability to adjust course when presented with viable options. He welcomes feedback and more importantly, incorporates the right amount into his work. The GroupSolver product is exciting on many levels, not the least being that it has attracted attention from the likes of Bill Gates! I am sure that they will be successful and believe an opportunity to work-share in an incubation environment will be a wise investment for the GroupSolver team as well as the San Diego tech market.

Clark Hickock

I have had the privilege of working with Rasto, Maros and the rest of the GroupSolver team for the past 5 months. I have seen tremendous growth and improvement in their vision and strategy and feel strongly that they will be a tremendous success. Their product is fantastic and serves multiple markets from education to product marketing. The real power of their solution verse current solutions is the ability to problem solve as well as research open ended questions which allows users to offer ideas not only opinions. Rasto and his team have accomplished a lot on their own, through the incubator process as well as early investment they will get the rest of the way and become a powerful successful company.

Greg Ikonen

Rasto is smart, tech-savvy entrepreneur with a deep network of management consultants, educators, and tech executives. I think he and his team have a terrific opportunity to develop GroupSolver into a world-class platform for improving strategic, technical and business decisionmaking, and leveraging talent and intellectual assets across many fields and disciplines.

Rasto and team have made remarkable progress on their own, and am confident that with the help of an incubator and initial capital, they will greatly accelerate both the platform build-out and functionality, as well as refine and execute on their marketing and customer deployment targets.

Kristine Ehrich

Groupsolver is an amazing tool for teaching students the benefits of coming to a consensus and, most importantly, the steps required for arriving there. I used GroupSolver in my Public Policy and Marketing class last semester and many students reported that using GroupSolver was one of the most impactful and eye-opening activities that we engaged in. GroupSolver allowed my students to explore all sides of an issue, to see where other constituents where coming from and to collaborate on a solution to the stated problem. I would highly recommend utilizing GroupSolver both in classes and outside projects where collaboration and building a consensus is central to the goal.

Justin Adams

GroupSolver is an exciting and potentially transformative idea for the way organizations reach consensus and solve problems. I have seen many startups and this one has all the right ingredients for success – not least the energy and vision of Rasto. When executed right, I can see it having wide applications ranging from education to nonprofits to business. Being a part of an incubator will be a tremendous opportunity for Rasto to accelerate the development of his platform ensuring that his team has the guidance and support to achieve their goals. I could see multiple opportunities to deploy GroupSolver in the future but believe it will benefit enormously from sitting within a world class incubator. I look forward to seeing the enterprise develop.

Tara Ceranic, PhD

I am currently using GroupSolver in my MBA class and am really enjoying how intuitive it is and how engaged the students are in their online discussions. The interactions it creates outside of the classroom are fantastic. Students that may not feel comfortable to jump into a conversation in person are able to engage in a real-time thoughtful discussion.

This innovation is exceedingly useful and Rasto is well-equipped to implement it in multiple environments. In fact, I have also been part of a team using GroupSolver to come to a consensus and it was fantastic. Rather than finding the time to have several meetings we all worked via GroupSolver to come to a decision in a fraction of the time it would have taken in person.

The fact that GroupSolver can be used in small and large groups is one of its great attributes. My group was about 8 people and my MBA class has 25-both groups have worked together with no issues and Rasto has provided thorough and consistent support.

Lutz Goedde

Rasto is super smart with a great combination of technology understanding, creative for business model thinking, and entrepreneurial drive. His experience and track record of sourcing technologies and business development predestine him for innovative business building efforts.