I have nothing but the highest regard for Mariangela Walker and her creation, Guarantee Happiness. Mariangela is a tireless, dynamic, creative entrepreneur who has developed and patented not only this unique dress but also the business model for customization. Mariangela's partner Hiroyuki Chishiro believed so strongly in the business concepts that he left his position as a lecturer at the University of Tokyo, to become CTO of Guarantee Happiness. Mariangela is generating momentum establishing the Guarantee Happiness brand. She reported great success at the Miami Yacht show – including hiring models, sales people and fashion photographers to memorialize the event. Recently she networked into the Walk For Hope event which includes more than 3,000 participants and established a relationship with Nordstrom’s in her local area where participating women were able to pick up their Walk for Hope tee skirt dresses and other Guarantee Happiness apparel.