1. Phone Number
  2. Why do you want to be a Hackstar?
  3. For Developer Applicants: What programming languages/environments do you specialize in? Please include years of experience for each.
    If applicable, include links to your GitHub and Stack Exchange profiles.
  4. For Design Applicants: In what area(s) of design do you specialize? Please include links to web apps or mobile apps you've designed/built.
      IA/User Experience   Interaction/Web Design   UI/Visual Design   Print/Graphic Design   Front-end markup (HTML/CSS)   JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX
  5. Portfolio / Website URL(s) (include sample applications or sites you've built or designed)
  6. In which Techstars location(s) would you like to apply? See techstars.com/schedule for dates. Open applications for 2014 and 2015 below:
      Austin   Boulder   Boston   Detroit - Mobility   London - Barclays FinTech   New York   Cloud - San Antonio   Sprint Mobile Health - Kansas City   San Diego - Qualcomm Robotics
  7. Are you available to work full-time during the entire length of the program?
      Yes, I'm Available
  8. Are you authorized to work in the country you are applying to?
      yes   no
  9. How did you find out about the Hackstar program? (We'd love to give back good karma points!)
  10. If you aren't selected as a Hackstar, would you be interested in being contacted directly by one or more of the Techstars companies?
      Yes   No
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