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Interested in becoming a developer or designer associate for Techstars? Check out our jobs page -
Interested in becoming a developer or designer associate for Techstars? Check out our jobs page -
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Alisha Templeton I'm the Techstars Program Director for the Sprint Accelerator located in Kansas City, Missouri.
Clarissa Redwine Program Manager @TS_Robotics
Daniel Andrews Director of Engineering at Techstars.
Jason Seats Managing Director of TechStars Cloud, Slicehost founder & Rackspace Alumnus
Tak Lo Entrepreneur, United States Army vet, ex-consultant and banker


Andreas Kavountzis Co-Founder at Convergence Analytics

Alex is one of the strongest students I have had an opportunity to work with. She is a consistent, hard worker, who does not ever want to hear the answer to a question, more just get a nudge in the right direction. I challenged her to complete 10 of the Project Euler ( problems and she instead came back having solved 25, some of which using very elegant solutions.

Aside from quickly picking up the material presented, her strong SQL background has been a tremendous help in picking up new skills quickly. Alex is the type of developer who is hungry for knowledge and can thrive even in the face of uncertainty, I would be happy to have her on any team I was a part of.

Mor Amore


Casey Cumbow

Colin is super hard working. He loves learning and pushing himself to dive deeper and fully understand the code he is writing. He always has a great attitude and is a team player on a daily basis. He is great at balancing different pairing styles and is more than willing to step up and lead a group. As his instructor at Dev Bootcamp, I would enjoy working with him.