Hamza Tahir

Hamza Tahir

My passion is computer science, specifically in the area of machine learning
Back End Dev • Mobile Dev
Muenchen, Germany
  • Android
  • Arduino
  • C++
  • Java
  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • Web Development

CTO @maiot.io • Co-Founder

Decect.Analyze.Predict. The asset optimization platform

Amazing things Hamza's made
Gesture Controlled Wand Game: The most magical thing I built so far. It's a prototype Harry Potter inspired wand, that ran using an Arduino ESP32 and used inertial data to recognize predefined gestures. Two such wands can have a 'duel' or battle with each other [Still a work in progress]

Bringing Automation to people businesses: Over the course of 3 years, I worked on many scripting jobs that involved getting requirements and goals from people all around the world and designing products such as web crawlers in Python to meet their business needs. This usually saved them hours of labor and I found that to be incredibly satisfying.

Indoor/Outdoor Application: While working at Navvis GmBh as a Werkstudent, I built an Android application that utilized sensor fusion techniques that combined GPS and Light Sensor and modeled it so that it accurately tells you whether you are inside or outside. This feature can be integrated into other applications if required.