Hans Lysglimt Johansen

Hans Lysglimt Johansen

Entrepreneur. Extrovert. Evangelist. Visionary. Project management. Cross of internet tech, sales and finance. #BizzWeek #Numbercom
Sales/Bus Dev • General Business
Oslo, Norway
  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Funding
  • Telecommunications
Numbercom - Virtualize Mobile Numbers

Founder. Visionary. @Numbercom - Virtualize Mobile Numbers • Co-Founder

Free internet enabled telecom services tied to your mobile phone number.

Amazing things Hans's made
Runbox email service - pioneering cloud storage of email from 1999 - 2012.
Onboarded 1 million+ trial email users to freemium model turning 30 000+ free users into paying email customers. 50 000+ email subscription transactions. totaling Euro 2 million+ total revenue.

My 2005 book: What do you want to do with your life? 30 000+ downloads online.

My 400+ YouTube videos closing in on one million views.
About liberty, privacy, security, tech and more.

Involvement with the international digital freedom movement, helping build that into a movement. Pirateparty. Mises Institute.

Annual week long entrepreneurship conference #BizzWeek - Gran Canaria Business Week with 118 participants in 2015 - growing.

Kari Runarsson Co-founder, CEO and janitor at Authenteq recommended Numbercom - Virtualize Mobile Numbers where Hans is Co-Founder

You can tell within a few seconds after meeting Hans that he is a likeable and social person. After a few minutes you realise that he is also intelligent with great ideas and insights. He openly shares his previous experience and learnings with you and shows interest in your challenges.
Hans is someone that is a true asset to his startup and a result driven entrepreneur that will take Numbercom far.