Funds up to $100k per team
Takes 5-8% equity
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Hardware startups are hard. Hardware companies face unique barriers to design, manufacturing, distribution and retail. Highway1 offers a collaborative, hands-on environment to help startups move through these challenges and reach a looks like, works like prototype ready for funding. The four-month program is an intense immersion into how to scale a hardware company, which includes full time product design and engineering support, 24/7 access to state-of-the-art prototyping labs, a trip to Shenzhen, China to learn about global manufacturing and supply chain management, marketing, retail and funding support.

Highway1 is a division of PCH, a custom product solutions company working with some of the world’s best brands. Startups that have worked with Highway1 and PCH include Blaze, Drop, LittleBits, Navdy, Cue and Ringly.

What our program offers:
• Investment – Up to $100,000 investment in exchange for 8% equity or $50,000 for 5%
• Engineering expertise – Full time EE and ME support
• Prototype – 24/7 access to shared workspace and state-of-the-art prototyping labs.
• Scale – DFM advice from PCH manufacturing engineers
• Design – Full time design staff & relationships with the biggest names in industrial design
• Manufacturing demystified – trip to Shenzhen, China with factory tours.
• Community & Connections – network of hundreds of alumni, mentors and vendors
• Fundraising – Refine your story and network with hardware investors.

What we look for:
• Strong team – You can’t do this alone, and we don’t want you to try. We also look for teams that have known each other for a long time or have collaborated previously.
• Technical chops – Your team should have the technical skill and experience to accomplish the mission you are undertaking, while still eager to learn more.
• Prototype – Show us a works-like proof of concept.
• Market traction – Have you raised funding or generated customer interest yet?
• Dedication to design and consumer experience – Design is at the core of everything we do at PCH.
• Long-term vision – We look to help entrepreneurs build companies, not just projects or one-off products.


Brian Lee Senior EE
David Austin GM PCH Startup Programs
Jon Carver Senior Mechanical Engineer
Kaethe Blue Henning Program Manager
Marcus Gosling Design Lead
Renee Shenton Community Manager
Ryan Vinyard Engineering Lead


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