Jordyn Bonds
Jordyn Bonds Helping folks startup
Marc Kitz
Marc Kitz 37 years experience driving new technology solutions business, Sales Coach to Startup CEOs


Emily Zaccardi
Emily Zaccardi CEO Founder of hollarhype. Focused on experience-based products, services, and strategies. Motivated by social impact and emotional health.
Mahavir Jain
Mahavir Jain Engineer All things Software


Emily is an incredibly motivated entrepreneur with a perfect balance of strategy and execution. I met her when she just launched hollarhealth and it was great to witness much she has been growing the company, the team and the customer base, with a clear mission of realizing a strong distributed togetherness. Her story on how she created hollarhealth from a personal experience is inspiring. I think that hollarhealth has a great potential to be the leading solution for connectivity, especially considering the high growing market of voice apps and technologies that allow organizations to increase their social impact.