I had the pleasure of watching the Howdy team grow from an idea to a ready-to-launch venture over the past academic school year at the University of Arizona. After my year participating in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, I became very interested in Howdy’s concept: a venture that was created by focused college students to help other driven students in finding the best internships available. Having been through the program, I know how much hard work these students have put into making this idea a reality (on top of their regular classes) – from extensive assessment of the competitive landscape to an in depth understanding of their own business down to every penny. It is because of the Howdy team’s passionate, fluent, and competitive attitude that I believe they would make an excellent addition to the TechStars program.

I know the co-founders of Howdy because they attend almost all of the Startup Tucson events I help organize in the community. I've always loved their business concept. Their passion and willingness to learn is obvious. They make a great team and have just the right mix of skills and personalities. They also were able to achieve significant milestones in nine months as full-time students, including customer validation, functioning website, working prototype, in-depth business plan. For these reasons, I would definitely recommend Howdy as a strong addition to the Techstars roster.

As Director of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, I watched the Howdy On team develop a strong business venture with great potential for success and expansion. The team has all the qualities required for a successful start-up. They are all exceptionally bright, creative, motivated, and hard working. They are a collaborative and cohesive team, skilled at communication, coordination, negotiation, and group dynamics. The Howdy team is also open to coaching and feedback and demonstrated great flexibility as they incorporated new ideas and pivots in their venture concept. Beyond the team, the Howdy On venture concept is based on a solid and extremely capital efficient business model and grounded in thorough research. Howdy On has already achieved significant milestones with very lean capital infusion. The combination of a solid venture concept and a strong team makes Howdy On a perfect fit for the TechStars Accelerator Program.

Dr. Patty Sias
University of Arizona

I have had the pleasure of mentoring the Howdy On team during the 2012-2013 academic year at the McGuire Entrepreneurship program of the University of Arizona. I can state without any reservation that in my opinion, the Howdy On team has all the necessary ingredients to build a successful start-up. They are smart, competent and passionate. They have been able to achieve significant customer validation at virtually no cost while attending school full-time. They have successfully demonstrated their ability to use very limited resources extremely efficiently towards reducing risk, as well as their ability to modify their strategies and tactics as market realities revealed themselves. The team is a coachable team, always willing to intake as much feedback as possible, process this information and arrive at the best course of action for the venture. In summary, I would enthusiastically recommend team Howdy On to any incubator/accelerator program.

Emre Toker
University of Arizona