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Before we can huddle, we'd like to understand your requirements and you a little better. Any files that are uploaded will be shared outside of the organisation they belong to.

If your interest area at Huddle is Incubation, please answer the following:

At Huddle, each startup is allocated their dedicated Huddle mentor, as part of the one mentor – one mentee incubation process. Startups work closely with their core mentor, and additionally leverage the expertise and network of the extended mentor base. With the information requested below, we would get an overview of the business to take our discussion to the next stage.

General Information

If your interest area at Huddle is Open Innovation, please answer the following

Corporations today have a strong need to continuously innovate keeping in mind the rapidly changing technology landscape. While enterprises are trying to build tech teams of the future, they have realized that the bulk of innovation occurs outside the organisations and are looking to collaborate with startups to tackle the emerging technology challenge and accelerate solution development. Startups on the other hand require access to large scale corporations to validate and build their ventures. In order to cater to both these important demands, open innovation works as a seamless link bringing together contextual startups with relevant corporations. It is a platform where the startup and the corporate work as the client and the customer, creating newer opportunities for growth for both stakeholders.

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It would be great to learn more about you and your organisation. Kindly provide the below information and a relevant Partner will get in touch with you.

If your interest area at Huddle is Fund Raising, please answer the following

It would be great to learn more about you and your startup. The information requested below will help us get an overview about the business, to have a more fruitful discussion.