Ian Merricks

Ian Merricks

London, UK
White Horse Capital

White Horse Capital • Co-Founder


Mentor @Openr • Advisor

Drive action from the content you share


Whichit • Advisor

Interactive Commercial Content platform for brands and agencies


Frugl • Advisor

Frugl is a geolocation platform for offers helping to monetise public wifi

Aston Commercial Training

Aston Commercial Training

1995 - 1996


Jon Golding | Business S Founder and CEO at The Financialist Academy Ltd

Ian is a highly switched-on guy in this space. Very experienced in the startup and entrepreneur world esp in IT where holds senior professional qualifications as a FBCS, Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional. But he's a well-balanced, common-sense kinda guy and a great seminar presenter with modesty and empathy. And he knows where to help startups get funded from the most suitable sources.