Funds $3k per founder
Takes 0% equity
Markets Education Startups Microsoft Students
Student Entrepreneurs!! Take a break from building your startup in your dorm room and come spend a month at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA. We're looking for early stage student teams that have a great idea and want to turn it into a real business.

The program is a four week whirlwind mixture of workshops, mentorship, and you hacking away.

Workshops and mentors will cover:
* Customer Development
* UX & Prototyping
* Modern Cloud Dev
* Storytelling & Pitching

Summers in Seattle are absolutely gorgeous! If you and your cofounders make the cut, you'll have an amazing month of networking, learning, hacking, and lots of fun!

Get your idea validated and off the ground this Summer!

Funding: We will provide each founder with $2500 to use as they see fit, e.g. travel to WA, housing, food, etc. You will be responsible for all of your expenses.

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Information you provide in program submissions may be reviewed by Microsoft business partners who participate in evaluation of program submissions.