Igor Yanovskiy

Igor Yanovskiy

Inventor, founder and CEO of several successful projects, software developer, engineer.
General Engineer • Back End Dev
Roma, Italy
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Development
  • C++
  • Hardware Development
  • Team Leadership
Ruspo LLC

CEO @Ruspo LLC • Co-Founder

Jan '12 - Present (9 years 2 months)

Communication Systems

CEO @Communication Systems • Co-Founder

Jan '99 - Present (22 years 2 months)

TreeTalk s.r.l.

CEO, architect @TreeTalk s.r.l. • Co-Founder

TreeTalk is a startup in the fields of real-time voice communications, IoT.

Amazing things Igor's made
I have organized the manufacture of base antennas (2491040.ru/ant-en.html). I develop sophisticated software (like this: ruspo.com/relay1en.htm). Back in the 90s, I gathered a team for manufacturing the ZX-Spectrum compatible mini-PCs, modulators, VGA converters and so on. Some of those vintage things are stored in our museum (crossed out) basement (like that: 2491040.ru/pix/museum27.jpg ).

If we are talking about building something besides a business... My wife Tatiana, and I, back in 2002, have drawn the blueprint of the our dream house. Then we have found a good lot land and have built (with a small team of helpers) the house, where our family is living since 2005. We planted more than 40 different trees in the garden. And all of them are growing up! That was a really amazing experience.
Siberian Institute of technology

Siberian Institute of technology

Computer science / Predictive algorithms Sep 1987 - May 1992


Roman Arsentev recommended TreeTalk s.r.l. where Igor is Co-Founder

The product will be useful for consumers. The market has already been formed, which will start selling in a relatively short period of time. The project team competence. Summarizing, we can say that the draft has market potential,