ilan shatz

ilan shatz

Serious entrepreneur working hard to make a difference
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Amazing things ilan's made
In 2008 I bought a building that was previously constructed in 1942 by the US Army. Located on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal,this building used to be a Military Hospital. Originally my plan was to do a real estate flip but then market started changing and I wasn't able to re-sell.
In 2011 I was contacted by Senniaf (Government Institution that deals with Orphan children ) to help out with database issues. During this work I learned how bad children were treated in the orphan houses.Tied to their cribs, malnurtured and lacking any proper care and love. I got very attached to this situation and eventually found an American couple who relocated to Panama in order to help with sick orphans. After the first visit they loved our building. They raised funds, bough and renovated it.

Their work and this building are the perfect match for children in need of medical services, love and attention. Care and proper nutrition and therapies. A reality.