Siva (Shiv) Rajendran Founder & CEO at Totus Power

I've had some amazing teachers who made learning so easy and pleasurable. It was key to me becoming and engineer, and founding a startup. I had never given a second thought to the actual learning process and how difficult it is for someone with Autism until I spoke with Katie and Chris. What if I had Autism, like 1 in 68 children right now? It's awful how little work has been done to give a fair chance to these many thousands/potentially millions of young children. This is exactly why I love Katie and Chri's work with Infiniteach.

They are developing technology that is embedded with best practice autism strategies and can supplement direct therapy interventions, reducing the cost and increasing the availability for all children and families. Most of my favorite people like Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol had Autism. Infiniteach's work will certainly make life for the millions with Autism much more productive and enjoyable. They have my highest recommendation - Shiv