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INNO4COV-19 is looking for evaluators with a proven track record in one or more of the technical areas addressed by the Open Call; with experience in evaluating EU funded projects or similar experience; and that are recognized experts in the fields of science, industry and innovation. When selected for an Evaluation Committee, you will be required to be involved in the evaluation of the applications received, interviews with applicants and participation in consensus meetings. INNO4COV-19 will reimburse you for the evaluation work according to the following fees: For step 1 - remote evaluation - the service fee is 70 EUR per hour (maximum of 2 hours per proposal). For step 2 – online interview – the service fee is 70 EUR per interview (maximum of 1 hour). All evaluators will be required to sign a confidentiality and non-conflict of interest declaration, as well as a contract with INNO4COV-19 project coordinator. The effort spent will have to be documented in a timesheet, a template of which will be provided.

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