Hassan II

Hassan II

CEO of Mono, previously a product manager at Paystack which was acquired by Stripe for $200m in 2020.
General Business
Paris, France
  • Business Intelligence
Mono Company

CEO @Mono Company • Co-Founder

Plaid for Africa


CEO @OyaPayMe • Co-Founder

Modern offline payment

Skylar Labs (Hyphen)

CEO @Skylar Labs (Hyphen) • Co-Founder

Automating B2C conversations


cofounder @Washlify • Co-Founder

Changing the way people do their drycleaning and laundry in Africa

Jan '14 - Jan '15 (1 year) Programming


cofounder @ROOMLIFY • Co-Founder

Helping international students relocate easily

Jan '15 Design

Amazing things Hassan's made
Created the first on-demand application in Nigeria

Ran a digital agency with my current co-founder
in our first semester in college.

We built the current Kora App used by thousands of Nigerians
to stream and vote for the Kora Awards

Raised over $0.2M through the life cycle of my current, previous
startups and technology projects. Currently working on the rest.