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by Feb 25
Feb 10-Jun 14 • Cluj-Napoca, Romania
up to €100k in financing and acceleration support
by Mar 1
Mar 1 '17-Apr 1 '18 • Pune, India
by Mar 3
San Francisco, United States
Funds 15 Startups per year
$50k per team
by Mar 31
Jun 5-Aug 31 • Winston-Salem, United States
Funds 8 Startups per year in Software Development, Software, Biotechnology
$50k per team 7.5% equity
by Dec 31
Feb 2 '17-Dec 31 '19 • Lisbon, Portugal
Funds 10 Startups per year in B2B/Enterprise, Computer Security, Design
€200k per team 5% equity
by May '19
Aug 5 '15-May 31 '19 • Lunteren, Netherlands
New York City, United States
Funds 6 Startups per year in B2B/Enterprise, Computer Networking, Computer Security
$1M per team
Albertville, France
Funds Startups in Consulting, Retail, Sharing Economy
London, United Kingdom
Funds Startups in Gaming, Media, Web
$3M per team
Buenos Aires, Argentina
$100k per team
Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium