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Angelina Bolton

Gulf Investment Authority(GIA) sources unique business development opportunities and work closely with established companies in its actualization.

Gulf Investment Authority(GIA) has established and maintained its position as a leading international full-service investment company, specializing in Asset Management, Investment Banking, Brokerage, Private Finance and Start Ups. The Firm has played a prominent role in shaping the financial services landscape in the GCC and continues to be at the forefront of integrating the region into global financial markets.

We Gulf Investment Authority(GIA) invite all interested project owners and investors to our project financing/investment programme.

Pls send us a mail to to enlighten you on our funding programme.

Angelina Bolton
Online Marketing Consultant
Gulf Investment Authority(GIA)

Nilson Elvira Contratista at Convoy and The Johannesgardens

hola Sr JP Morgan como le puedo mostrar mis planes de trabajo e innovacion?

Paul Antoine COO at JP Morgan Asset Management

I am a private investor who offer Loan and funding to students, project developers, entrepreneurs, traders and any honest and serious person who are in need of financial support. So if you are interested, please contact me to discuss in order to agree to a possible agreement.

pusat karpet CEO at pusat karpet

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Vladimir Podkoritov Основатель at SCARLET LIFE

У меня есть идея по построению терминалов (сервисных центров) где любой человек независимо от места пребывания и места жительства, может получить любой документ ,независимо где он находиться в данное время.

Robert Steiner Co-Founder at NeuronWorldNetwork

What would happen if the "big players" decided or were forced to shut down their servers that handle all our communication or who store our data or money? TOTAL CAOS!

NEURON was created to bring users together in a virtual neural network, but at the same time free them from those limits imposed by social status, economic barriers and by the total control exercised by the "big players", real bottlenecks in WEB-based communication and data storage. This project aims at giving users total privacy over their data and their very own lives, which is the reason why the Internet was originally created.

This project consists in the creation of a multiplatform app, as well as PC/Mac software that will allow users to exchange data and money, as well as communicate, bypassing central global servers. NEURON's algorithm will tear down current technological barriers by giving users with old devices virtually limitless performance and storage space.

For info:

Maruf Alimi

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Samuel Cole, MBA CEO at Campus Millionaires Club


We provide Hands-on entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring program for College Students -

We are inviting Enterprising Students from all University Campuses to create their new account here


Raja B Chief Executive Officer at Tapas foundation

Ran Oren Product at Sourcingbot

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Kazi Sazol CEO at Stok BR 003 BAN

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Supriya Rathi Head of Design and Product Development at BizCrum

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