Itzeel Mdc

Itzeel Mdc

Entrepreneur, Teacher, Engineer, Proactive, goal digger
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Biotech
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Dance
  • Laboratory Research
  • Language Skills
  • Life Sciences
  • Molecular Biology
  • Research
  • Science
  • Teaching/mentoring

COO @Diagtech • Co-Founder

Point of care device development for healthcare solutions

Amazing things Itzeel's made
The greatest thing I’ve built so far is a previous startup with my co-workers focused on providing genomic solutions to help in disease prevention. Nowadays the late detection of diseases in our country has a high rate of mortality, and unfortunately, I lived this experience personally, this was the motivation to start a company that will decrease the uncertainty that thousands of families suffer in our country due to diseases that could be prevented.
Tecnologico de Monterrey

Tecnologico de Monterrey

biotechnology engineering Jan 2011 - May 2015


Sebastián Hernández Gutiérrez Accelerator Director at Orion Startups recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

Diagtech is one of my favourite teams of our portfolio. Long enough has gone since we met them and it was until know that we could land a good deal for both them and Orion Startups.
They have demonstrated that are THE team that can make things happen: highly focused founders with technical and business skill set not easy to find.
They are also passionate about what they are seeking to accomplish and truly believe that they should be the ones doing it.

Claudia Murillo recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

I have been involved with the Diagtech team as a mentor for several months and am impressed by their work ethic and focused dedication in developing new technology.
They are scientists & engineers with business & entrepreneurial mindsets; the ideal combination of skills for a successful trajectory. They are curious and constantly thinking ahead about important business and regulatory considerations as they develop their technology.
I am eager to continue to follow their team, their advances, and wholeheartedly support them!

Cynthia Lizeth González Trevizo recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

Diagtech is a company led by young innovators, entrepreneurs and born leaders. They are critical thinkers, creative and revolutionary people who are passionate about developing new ideas that can solve problems of impact in their environment. Your work is product of deep analysis and hard work.
They have focused on Molecular Diagnostics but they are passionate about science, so they have focused on the generation of research projects in the medical field, linking with experts in different disciplines that enrich their work.

Silvia Lorena Montes Fonseca recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

Diagtech is a company formed by an excellent team of people. All co-founder have worker very hard to reach all their goals. Diagtech as an enterprising company has shown perseverance, organization and has always been concerned with providing high quality products and services.

I do not doubt that Diagtech will go far.

Ulises Elias CEO at Orion Startups recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

Diagtech is a great startup with high potential exploiting opportunities in the biotech sector in Mexico. Their team is highly technical with capabilities to turn ideas into business.

Carlos Bernal CTO at Eido Innova recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

I have know Alan, Itzeel and Larissa for almost two years now and they have always shown dedication and passion in everything they do.

Emmanuel Dominguez CEO at Solar Smart recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

As a parent the most important thing in life if to take care of my family and beloved ones. I truly believe that prevention is the XXI century medicine, new we are able to know the probabilities for certain pathologies so early diagnosis is essential to save lives.

We test our daughters so we now know 140 diseases they would not get throughout their lives.

Working with DiagTech has been a wonderful and fast experience, very friendly and very professional, they explain to us every single step of the process and they deliver on time as agreed.

We are looking forward to get all our diagnosis from them.

We are glad that someone finally brought advanced medicine to our country.

Sincerely, Emmanuel Dominguez

Luis Almanza Managing Director at Orion Startups recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

Diagtech is one of my favorite team, strong knowledge background on biotech fields combined with powerful attitude. I met the team since they were an idea and I am sure they have a great present and a brilliant future. Passion, involved with community, hard workers and visionaries, Itzel, Larissa and Alan are a great team.

Alejandro Soto Asesor de empresas at incubadora de empresas ITESM, Chihuahua recommended Diagtech where Itzeel is Co-Founder

To whom it may concern.
I am happy to write a recommendation for diagtech company, who I met since some months ago when they applied to our bussines incubator. Since I first met them I saw in
diagtech, a reliable team with high energy and commitment to his endeavors.
In the Business Incubator of the Tecnologico de Monterrey in Chihuahua, the Startup program we run, we decided to choose this company primarily for his great team, which have great leadership andskills.
They also has shown great technical and business
skills that we are sure will take him in a successful direction.

Diagtech, related to the new era of biotech through highly specialized tests. promises to change the rules of the game, also targeting a main problem which is the lack of medical prevention.

LATAM is a region in need of more talented people like diagtech team, eager to provoke a positive change and create those successful cases for future generations.

Alejandro soto ordoñez.