Fayaz Taher

Education is a big problem in Bangladesh, especially quality education at tertiary level in Bangladesh. What Jaago has done goes beyond one’s imagination to teach an English based education system to the street children because they believe in giving a quality education. The kids also get to learn the Bangla education system so that they can take participate in the government examination system as well which is important for public servant jobs.Jaago has utilized technological tools to accomplish their goals . They have over 1200+ kids with 8+ schools in various places in the country. The most remote has been in Gaibanda where no quality teacher will be willing to go to but jaago has solved the problem by incorporating technology. They understood that getting good quality teachers to travel is difficult so he solved this problem by using technology. The model Jaago is using is working well as a pilot model and it can be scaled to have more impact throughout the country.