James Hollis

James Hollis

Serial Entrepreneur with a Love For Trading
General Engineer • General Business
Boston, US
  • Blockchain
  • Commodities
  • Project Implementation
  • Trading
Movez (Tech Hedge Fund)

CFO @Movez (Tech Hedge Fund) • Co-Founder



CFO @Movez • Co-Founder


Circle of Health International

Product @Circle of Health International

Mom + baby focused international humanitarian aid organization in ATX

Aug '16 - May '17 (9 months)

Amazing things James's made
While participating in Boston University's venture accelerator, the CEO and I built an Ethereum mining rig and used the output from the hash rate to invest in new Initial Coin Offerings and bootstrapping Movez.
Boston University

Boston University

Aug 2013 - May 2017


Robert MacArthur Founder/President at SoliPoints recommended Movez where James is Co-Founder

The Movez app is fun to use and great for individuals to organize meet-ups to attend social events, games, theatre, dining, travel and more. For enterprise it can be a powerful marketing tool, simplifying registration, scheduling, reservations, and ticketing.
It will go viral.

Ian Mashiter recommended Movez where James is Co-Founder

This app allows event organizers to provide ticketing services for their events. For users attending the events they get their ticket but a whole lot more. This enhanced experience involves the facilitating of social connections to other attendees and integrations with car ride services. This is the first event organizing app designed with a millenium audience in mind.