Jan Aaron Augustus Garcia

Jan Aaron Augustus Garcia

Energy Technologist and Electrical Engineer
Hardware Engineer • General Engineer
Quezon City, Philippines
  • Electrical Engineering
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  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar
WattSmart Philippines Corp.

CEO @WattSmart Philippines Corp. • Co-Founder

WattSmart is an energy analytics company.

Amazing things Jan Aaron Augustus's made
Geothermal Wellhead Data Collection System

When I worked in Chevron as a Facilities Engineer, I put together a data collection system from all of the geothermal wellheads of the power plant. This was in 2009, and there were no iPhones and touchscreen technologies weren't prevalent.

I used a high-tech field datalogger, and we asked the manufacturer to design a bluetooth interface for us, that would send the data once a tablet was detected nearby. It had to be custom made for our application.

It was low energy enough for the battery to last 6 months, and worked fairly well. As of my last discussion with my end users there, the system was still working 5 years afterwards.


Of course WattSmart is a system that I'll always be proud of. It's a energy data collection system that assesses and provides actionable recommendations to its users on how to optimize energy consumption.

Earl Martin Valencia President and Co-Founder at IdeaSpace Incubator and Accelerator recommended WattSmart Philippines Corp. where Jan Aaron Augustus is Co-Founder

As the former President of the IdeaSpace Foundation, the local accelerator accelerator in the Philippines that focus on idea and prototype stage start-ups, I would highly recommend Wattsmart because they stood out in 3 areas: 1. Their ability to reflect and act on insight, 2. Their coachability and willingness to listen and learn 3. Raw deep technical and market knowledge in the energy space. Actually, they initially proposed to become an energy audit consulting company, but when we asked them, "how do you scale if you just do consulting?", they internalized and thought of creating Wattsmart, the product - an energy audit as a service platform, so that SMEs and houses can in real-time know consumption. I really like Wattsmart, because they are serious in building their business - I see them in sales trade shows, traveling hours to install a deployment with a large customer, and looking to investors themselves. Going to a market-focused accelerator in clean web should be the next step