Jaroslav Šuba

Jaroslav Šuba

Graduated in Geological Engineering at Technical University of Košice, holding a PhD in Biotechnology from Slovak Academy of Sciences and ha
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Kosice, Slovakia
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R&D @ekolive • Co-Founder

Production of organic fertilizer by ecological refining of minerals

Amazing things Jaroslav's made
Pilot operation on industrial scale for mineral refining and organic fertilizer production (2019).
Amazing about it was how - from scientific point of view - "primitive" and "unsterile" we had to act, but that the result (in terms of intended outcome) was by far beyond any of our sceptical expectations.
It was hard (physical) work, many times exceeding our forces, self-confidence and patience, but eventually it proved that the result was by far more promissing than ever expected - and made us believe in our solution even more.
Slovak academy of sciences

Slovak academy of sciences

Biotechnology 2014 - 2018

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Geological engineering 2008 - 2013


Markus Klein Business Developer at EIT RawMaterials recommended ekolive where Jaroslav is Co-Founder

ekolive applied for the EIT Jumpstarter in 2018 as a very early idea holder and was selected by EIT RawMaterials due to the extremely unusual and innovative idea proposed and subsequently supported with booster funding and accelerator coaching.
The background to the support was the promissing contribution to the agenda of EIT RawMaterials and the impact that the idea of heterotrophic bioleaching of mineral raw materials could have for the entire industry - as well as the extremely engaged and committed team, which was particularly notable for the rapid adaptation of our training content - and thus, within a single year they pushed the basic idea up to TRL7.
In the course of ekolive´s further development, the comprehensive relevance of the developed "game-changing" technology for other core topics of the EIT and the EC (as part of the Green Deal) has emerged: environment, climate, sustainability, society and nutrition. I am convinced that ekolive will succeed.