Jasmine Burton

Jasmine Burton

Ultimately, I seek to use my creativity to make the world smile.
UI/UX Design • Marketing
Atlanta, US
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  • Public Health
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Wish for WASH

CEO @Wish for WASH • Co-Founder

Access to hygenic sanitation is a basic human right because #everybodypoops

SafiChoo Toilet

SafiChoo Toilet • Co-Founder

An inexpensive mobile toilet

Amazing things Jasmine's made
In 2010, I was inspired to confront sanitation inequality after learning that close to 23% of India’s pubescent girls drop out of school due to lack of toilet access. Three years later, my senior design team developed a the SafiChoo toilet and in 2014 we won the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Competition, the largest undergraduate invention competition in the United States. The winnings from this prize enabled my team and I to pilot the SafiChoo toilet in the Kakuma refugee camp last summer under the auspices of Sanivation and in tandem with the CDC and the Norwegian Refugee Council. I have since founded Wish for WASH (W4W) as a social startup to house the development of the SafiChoo toilet. The most recent iteration of the SafiChoo toilet was piloted in a peri-urban compound in Lusaka, Zambia in tandem with WSUP + local authorities. All project stakeholders are interested in scaling the SafiChoo toilet to test its market viability.

Sarah Lashinsky

Jasmine knows poop!

Kelsey Chadwick Field Marketing Intern at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

I highly recommend jasmine!!

Kelsey Chadwick Field Marketing Intern at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

I highly recommend jasmine burton!!

Andrew Chwalik Youth Sports Associate at YMCA

Jasmine and her passion to aid the developing and third world areas is what more people need to aspire to.

Carolyn McPherson

Jasmine is truly inspired to make the world a better place one project at a time.

Aliyah Johnson Intern at NCCP - National Center for Children in Poverty

Everybody poops! This is awesome! You have my full support!!!

Andrzej Mikołajewski

This girl has a lot of brillant ideas and know-how to make it real. And #everyonepoops ;]

Nadia Mykhalevych Employee at On Time

Safi Choo Toilet is an awesome project! You are real change agents! Wish you luck! You are doing a great job!:)

Sanja Gardasevic

Jasmine has the passion and knowledge to bring her idea to fruition and change the world!

Allamyrat Tuyliyev

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Jasmine Burton due to her extraordinary talents and superior achievements.

Marvin Mathew Executive Director at BridgeSport

This is awesome. JB is a class act and a phenomenal social innovator. I can't wait to invest in her ideas!

Gene Hynson

Jasmine is a brilliant designer who has a passion for work!

Renee Bonagura College Sophomore at Georgia Tech

Cybil Zhang

Jasmine is phenomenal!!!

Taylor Johns Industrial Designer at Omix-Ada

The first time I met Jasmine, her interest in public health design, toilets, and changing the world for the better were very apparent, and she is well on her way to bringing her dream to a reality. Her passion is truly inspiring!

Becky Byler Co-Founder at SafiChoo Toilet

Go SafiChoo!

Leslie Bush

It's been a pleasure to have Jasmine as a classmate; Her passion for social design and public health is an inspiration!

Woong-Jun Park Cabinet Member at Georgia Tech

Bryan Olick

This gives me so much inspiration especially to see a better change for my society and my Homeland Kenya!It starts and spread!!It creates a positive innovation energy in this day and age.Great

Yasasvi Tadavarthi

This is awesome! Great idea!

Oliver Feng Student Assistant at Georgia Tech

Marguerite Bernard

Easily one of the most compassionate, driven, and talented people I've had the pleasure to know! Jasmine is on the path to do tremendous things, and I cannot wait to see the positive impact that Safi Choo Toilets and Jasmine will have on the world!

Woong-Jun Park Cabinet Member at Georgia Tech

Jasmine will literally end up changing the world for the better. Her work is phenomenal and her dedication to help others is inspiring!