Jason Barnett

Jason Barnett

Founder/CEO at Flarean, SBC -- Program Manager - IoT Fuse. Sculptor, Innovator, Proud Father of 2.
General Business • Marketing
Saint Paul, US
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IoT Fuse

Program Manager @IoT Fuse • Co-Founder

Amazing things Jason's made
I'm the founder and CEO of Flarean and I take pride in founding companies that will change the world and improve people’s lives. My background is in the arts, technology, media and social organizing. With my expertise in forging new paths and opportunities, I have previously lead to the founding of TheUpTake.org, a nonprofit online video news gathering and broadcasting organization. My passion for finding and building new concepts lead me to establish Flarean.com.

Before starting and then leaving The UpTake, and starting his new venture, Flarean, SBC, I was a professional sculptor. I created sculptors for large companies like Disney, Warner Bros., and smaller independent commissions.

Currently, besides building Flarean, I help manage the monthly community meetings with IoT Fuse, a non-profit startup with a mission of educating and growing the industry around connected devices and the Internet of Things.