Jeet Dattani

Jeet Dattani

Co-Founder of SportOn and AVP at Citigroup: CRS with an ongoing MBA from Tepper & B.S. at Rutgers U. Industrial Engineering (Valedictorian)
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New York City, US
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SportOn App

Co-Founder, Business/Technical Lead @SportOn App • Co-Founder

Sports and messaging unified for the ultimate social sports experience

Amazing things Jeet's made
There is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that current farming methods need to be dramatically altered if the world's growing population - 9 billion by 2050 - is to be fed. Decades of intensive cropping and poor management practices have degraded 25 percent of all the earth's land. With half of all habitable land already being used for farming and 15 percent of that having been laid to waste, the general consensus is that there will not enough usable land to support the projected agricultural demand if we continue operating the way we have been.

With that being said, I created an innovative and fully intuitive system that can produce high, year-round crop production in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner while optimizing the space it uses for operation. It has the ability to make full use of sunlight, which no other greenhouse-type system has been able to do, while still offering protection from adverse or harmful weather conditions.