Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

General Engineer • Back End Dev
Glenwood Springs, US
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Chef
  • Git
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
OS Beehives

Engineer @OS Beehives • Employee

Data-Driven Management Platform for Commercial Beekeepers

Data Simply

Software Developer @Data Simply • Employee

Proactive financial search engine

Bryan Garcia recommended Data Simply where Jeff is Employee

I was Data Simply's lead mentor in the Fall 2014 Cohort of SixThirty. Michelle is extremely passionate on finding ways for consumers to reduce risk in their portfolios and retirement savings. While she is very passionate, she is also very willing to listen to her mentors, the marketplace, and other advisers to pivot her thinking to insure that her company is solving the right problems and solving them in a manner that can be readily consumed. At the end of 2014 Michelle was engaged by several people at E&Y that gave her some strong suggestions about how to pivot to a need that still aligned with her and her team's core values, but was a need that was unsolved and was very pressing in the financial services industry. Michelle and her team ran with the idea, and have since come up a product which early feedback indicates solves a heretofore unsolved problem in an easily adopted manner. I have great confidence Michelle and her team will make Data Simply something great!

Brian Matthews recommended Data Simply where Jeff is Employee

Michelle participated in the SixThirty Accelerator under the name of MyMoneyButler. Very early in the program we had her pivot from a B2C model to a B2B model believing that the money in this space was with the corporations not the consumer. During this time she changed her name to Data Simply and began working on the B2B product. Towards the end of the cohort she entered into a relationship with EY. She made good progress during her time within SixThirty and we found Michelle to be very mentorable.