Jim Law

Jim Law

Natural leader & a big picture thinker, always aware of the end goal & the moving parts required to get there.
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Glasgow, UK
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Find a Player

CEO @Find a Player • Co-Founder

We connect grass-roots sports games and players in local areas.

Amazing things Jim's made
Find a Player is my third company and by far, from a business perspective, the thing I am most proud of.

I've had a passion for sport since a young age, having been Scottish No1 in Badminton as a junior. In addition to badminton l also having played tennis, table tennis, football and golf at a competitive/county level.

My passion for sport combined with my business experience made me believe that I could solve an ongoing problem with sporting participation - namely no-one wants to organise because of constant admin problems and lack of numbers. Research we undertook confirmed the problem was not actually a lack of interested players but that the players and the games didn't know how to connect with each other.

We built an app to solve the problem and since launch, we've had over 130,000 games created by our users. This makes us the UK's biggest sports participation network, something we've achieved with a full time team of 3 and a marketing budget of around £30k.