Joe Norton

Joe Norton

I'm pretty average. I'm not best at much of anything, but I am very good a not quitting. You'll have hard time stopping me.
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Atlanta, US
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Amazing things Joe's made
We built Tote, an hyper local delivery service with a network of pickup trucks. Terrence and I came up with the idea, built the apps, business processes, and personally engaged with every customer. We literally completed the trips while Terrence would make app updates from the Tote-mobile (an all white F150 Long Bed). With zero real investment, we outperformed companies like Roadie ( We were on the ground, talking to customers, and interacting every day. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

We also started Helium Services (software dev agency) in 2017 to support ourselves to build a product. We hit $1.8M in 2020. We walked away in March and are sticking to our goal and dream of pursuing something much bigger. Our families and friends think we are crazy. Deloitte called me on Monday and offered us a $1M development project. We said no.

While we are proud of Tote and Helium Services, we are most proud that we had the guts to walk away.