Johanna Pellinen

Johanna Pellinen

Team leader with multi-diciplinary background and sales-oriented, creative thinking. Student of Theoretical philosophy and Statistics.
General Business • Marketing
Espoo, Finland
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Language Skills
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Team Leadership

CEO leading the team, meeting our collaborators and potential customers, selling. @VuoLearning • Co-Founder

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Amazing things Johanna's made
In 2012 I took over the lead of the oldest minigolf court in Finland as a voluntary work for the benefit of children. After one year of remarkable renewals and another year of stabilising the business, the turnover had doubled and the previously unprofitable practice had changed its course. I had learned various skills from marketing and accounting to team leading and efficient communication.

Kimmo Vehkalahti recommended VuoLearning where Johanna is Co-Founder

Johanna was working on my Data Analysis course at the University of Helsinki during the spring term of 2014. She was very competent and proactive in her teaching duties throughout the course, doing an excellent work all the time in guiding the students and giving them useful advice on the course topics, especially on using Survo R software for various tasks of Data Analysis in the context of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

After the course Johanna was interested in my suggestion of taking the lead in developing a new kind of manual for Survo R. That was an initial step that quickly lead to more general ideas and the current project related to adaptive learning applications. As a founding member of the Teachers' Academy of our University and a mentor of the project I am truely happy to recommend Johanna for any project, where fresh ideas, hard work and good ICT, social, and other skills are needed.

Miikka Niiranen recommended VuoLearning where Johanna is Co-Founder

I hade the privilege to be the employer of Johanna and Otto Pellinen during the last couple of years 2013-2014. They both worked in the context of making e-learning materials related mainly for the Drives department of the ABB Group. This work included creating interactive learning presentations for ABB's business and industrial purposes.

Otto and Johanna both showed exemplary reliability, enthusiasm and innovativeness in their work, which was of irreplacable value for the success of our small business. I'm happy to recommend their skills, ideas and determination for their own start-up project.

Samu Salerto recommended VuoLearning where Johanna is Co-Founder

As the chairman and active member of student organization Ristin kilta I have watched Johanna Pellinen at work from close distance. She took over the managing of our organization's minigolf business and was able to double its turnover in the two years she held the position. I admire Johanna's ability to take into control a business and to make decisive changes in steering it to better results. I warmly recommend Johanna's competence.