John Didea

I am very persistent and keen person passionate by applied science , very determined to reach my goals that are in need for today market dem
General Business • UI/UX Design
Lewes, US
  • Agile Project Management
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Environmental Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Waste Reduction

Owner @Integrated Industry Ecology LLC. DE. USA • Employee

Jun '07 - Present (10 years 4 months)

CEO @Integrated Industry Ecology LLC. • Co-Founder

Integrated Steel Plant -ships scrap recycling -patented technology

Feb '07 - Present (10 years 8 months)

CEO @Integrated Industry Ecology Pty.LTD • Co-Founder

Jan '07 - Present (10 years 9 months)

CEO @Integrated industry Ecology LLC. John D • Co-Founder

Integrated Steel Plant , ships scrap recycling , patented technology

CEO @John Didea • Co-Founder

Integrated Steel Plant for ships scrap recycling ,Patented technology

UI/UX @Integrated Steel Plant Ships scrap recy • Co-Founder

Patented technology that eliminate manual ships scrap recycling

Engineer @Integrated Industry Ecology LLC/ • Co-Founder

CEO @CEO@Integrated Industry Inc • Co-Founder

Integrated Steel Plant -ships scrap recycling -patented environmental tech

CEO @Integrated Industry Inc/DE.USA • Co-Founder

Patented tech, wind turbines factory , wind farms based on transfer tech

CEO @Wind turbines factory ,transfer tech/ • Co-Founder

Lets save the planet .control CO2 emission -create jobs

CEO @IIInc • Co-Founder

Patented environmental technology ships scrap recycling Steel Plant

Wind turbines factory • Co-Founder

Amazing things John's made
Wind Turbines factory based on transfer technology and license to build wind turbines with rated power from 750.KW - 4.MW , training provided and components supply from wind turbine factory construction to wind farm completion inland and offshore. This is a patented technology 'Clean Tech " from AMSC /US . As they provide the above business services and ideal for US export technology so Green Energy projects can be build easy in Africa , L/America . Asia and N/America , Wind energy and Sun energy is free from "GOD" the creator and we just ignore for the mere crude oil fuel . Africa and L/America need such projects and it create jobs and stabilize economy and may stop migration to a certain extent .

Penrith College ,Real Estate Investments

Western Sydney University Elct ENG

Private College

Project Manager Jan 2012 - Jan 2013