Jonathan Gagliardoni

Jonathan Gagliardoni

Entrepreneur, Dad, obsessed w/ Mobile Commerce, source SaaS deal flow, volunteer @UpGlobal, ambassador for #LatinosInTech, @UW Grad
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Seattle, US
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CEO, Co-Founder, Product, Business Development @Swipeable • Co-Founder

Allow eCommerce stores to offer users a Native App experience in Mobile Web


Moba • Co-Founder


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Referral Recruiting (former Mustash)

Referral Recruiting (former Mustash) • Co-Founder

Allow hiring managers to refer 2nd, 3rd place candidates to other companies


GetSpur • Co-Founder

Connecting people in person, based off their digital

Amazing things Jonathan's made
While still a work in progress, and with the help and support of others, I have been building the Latino Tech Community in Seattle.

While attending Tech events in Seattle, I frequently establish connections with other Latinos(happened with my CoFounder). There were no existing Latino Tech networks, so I started one.

Seattle Tech Latinos and Friends (open to all) is a Meetup in Seattle focused on improving diversity in tech and helping Latinos and allies establish their network.

I successfully lead organized and facilitated Startup Weekend Latino Markets, where over 50% of the participants were minority and/or women. I plan to make a yearly event and will host again this summer. I also recently coordinated, along with Startup Grind Seattle, a Latino Tech Panel during Seattle Startup Week.

I'm fortunate to have my network and experience in the tech industry. My hope with Latinos in Tech is to help others establish their networks and learn from others.
Rebecca Conner, CPA, CFP® recommended Swipeable where Jonathan is Co-Founder

I've known Jonathan for a short time, but from the beginning saw he was born curious, he was never satisfied with the status quo, always wanted the best for others and dedicated time to formulating the perfect experience for customers.

Esteban and Jonathan found a seamless way to incorporate mobile into the usual website of online stores. Product has been stale for some time - always in tiles across a wide screen with the assumption of good connectivity and large tiles to sell goods by 'category'. With Swipeable, the fluid first impression of each piece will form the future experience of the user and make every interaction personalized in time. Eventually pushing customer wants to the company to formulate best buying practices and beyond.

This team cares for the everyday experience of users and will take mobile buying to the next level.

Leslie Feinzaig recommended Swipeable where Jonathan is Co-Founder

Jonathan is a driving force in the Seattle Latino tech community, with great passion and initiative, he is one of the few tech professionals in Seattle actively working to bring this community together. As we recognize the challenges of increasing diversity in our industry and city, we need more people like Jonathan to advocate and open opportunities for others.

Esteban Contreras recommended Swipeable where Jonathan is Co-Founder

Swipeable has a great foundation: Strong technical team with a deep understanding of ecommerce in a mobile context, good timing, and a product that serves a clear need. I think Swipeable shows great promise as a saas solution relevant to various verticas, from entertainment and media companies to SMBs and major enterprise brands looking to enhance their mobile ecommerce user experience. Swipeable is a very focused team and I think they could strategically expand to become a mobile ecommerce platform.

Kevin Leneway recommended Swipeable where Jonathan is Co-Founder
Founder, Haiku Deck

Jonathan is an incredibly smart engineer and fantastic salesman, and I believe he would be a great fit for TechStars. He is very open to getting feedback and he has a tenacity to overcome challenges, two trait he shares with successful TechStars entrepreneurs from my class and others.

When Jonathan first mentioned Swipeable to me, I thought it was a great idea. Here are some of the reasons why:
- It fits the pattern of "low friction way for people to make more money". Existing eCommerce store owners can try it out and if they are making more sales, it's easy to see how they would be willing to pay for that.
- It will be easy to find their first 100 potential customers. They can start with something like Shopify and run targeted ads or cold call any shopify store owners.
- There is a clear path to building a VC-scale business. I don't know their long-term strategy, but they could go "down the stack" and build their own eCommerce platform that is optimized around mobile.

John Wantz recommended Swipeable where Jonathan is Co-Founder
CEO, Commerce

Jonathan is well suited to establish market fit and build a revenue growth plan within this opportunity. I have confidence he will be able to exceed sales growth while continue to deliver on a consumer experience that will convert for his customers. Jonathan has the hustle to work through the growth pains and customer feedback to deliver on a solution that will scale and make money.