Jörg Schönharting

Jörg Schönharting

Expert in traffic planning algorithm.
General Engineer
Stuttgart, Germany
  • Algorithm Design
  • Traffic Shaping

CTO @Rosy • Co-Founder

Smart Traffic Management Tool For Cities


Mirko Ross recommended Rosy where Jörg is Co-Founder

I know team behind Rosy since many years. Skilled Experts, Entrepreneurs and focused People. Good ahead! Show us Rosy disrupting traffic controls!

Seán J. Burke Leader at frontierCities recommended Rosy where Jörg is Co-Founder

Rosy is an innovative solution in the smart cities and smart transport space, with numerous avenues to commercialisation. We are excited to have Rosy in the frontierCities2 acceleration programme and look forward to seeing significant market uptake during the coming 12 months.