Julia Smith

Julia Smith

Gay. Passionate cheese lover. Soccer enthusiast. Social Butterfly.
UI/UX Design
Cambridge, US
  • 3D visualization
  • Photoshop
  • Production
  • Video Games
Lantana Games

Lantana Games • Co-Founder

Lantana Games is an independent game development studio in Boston, MA.


Tim Loew recommended Lantana Games where Julia is Co-Founder

The Lantana Games team is a talented group with a passion for the craft of gamemaking - their interest in merging digital games, fun and learning is spot on and their work on Children of Liberty is proof of their determination.

Fiona Cherbak recommended Lantana Games where Julia is Co-Founder

Dan Silvers and his talented team at Lantana Games are truly dedicated to creating a highly educational experience for children and students. With a real commitment to the historical accuracy of their game product, Children of Liberty, they are producing a unique, fun and memorable interactive experience, backed up by keen artistry and sophisticated tech. I've watched them evolve as a team, and have followed their work with anticipation. Lantana Games is breaking into an exciting new realm for learning products.

William Brierly recommended Lantana Games where Julia is Co-Founder

Great company! They are working on some really cool stuff and I'm psyched to see what they do in the future!

Jono Forbes Co-Director, Man-o-Many-Hats at Defective Studios recommended Lantana Games where Julia is Co-Founder

The folks at Lantana Games pour their hearts into Children of Liberty, with the grand goal of making something both entertaining and educational -- neither of which is easy! Their passion and dedication are inspiring, and their positive impact on the Boston game development community is undeniable.