Tina Beilinson
Tina Beilinson CEO Early Warby Parker alum, experienced in building & scaling high growth startups. Passionate about making high-quality care more accessible.


I have known the June team from the start of their venture. They are enrolled in my Product Management course the past two semesters. What started as an idea to support women's health needs, evolved to a well curated solution that is deeply resonating with pregnant parents - especially during the current covid crisis. The team has a very strong working relationship and balance their respective skills quite well. They are passionate about what they are building and have truly listened to customer needs - deepening their ties to the doula community and earning their respect in a unique way considering none of them have had children yet. The MVP has been well scoped and early traction is impressive.

It is a pleasure to work with Tina, Julia and Sophia. They are sharp, fun and have no fears about taking risks and getting stuff done. This team would be a tremendous add to the TechStars community!