I've been working with Thibaud and Quentin on a large number of challenging projects over the past years. They have always demonstrated a great level of enthousiasm,creativity and professionalism.
They are great individuals and will no doubt be a great team.
I'm looking forward to the launch of Jung to have the opportunity to keep on working with them.

Gauthier Nadaud CEO at Smiirl

I strongly recommend the team and the project. They know like no one the ecosystem of the refurbish products in France, they have all the contacts to achieve a MVP of their vision very quick and were nurtured very close to the founders of a great startup. I love their idea to make sexy something that currently isn't (a broken smartphone) and it seems that this is the beginning of a trend that Le Camping should not miss!

Paulo Mnz Co-Founder at Zéro-Gâchis

Great idea, great team. I met Thibaud and felt a strong passion for the product they're going to build. It's pretty hard to built a marketplace but I'm sure they can handle it well and fast.