Kahoots is a mobile app that turns contacts into clients and solves the mobile CRM adoption problem of salespeople not using CRM systems because they are too complex, slow, and awful user experience.

Kahoots allows sales professionals to accelerate what they are already doing on their phone by getting the benefits of a CRM system without the cost, complexity, or concerns of giving over control of their contacts to their company....
Kahoots is a mobile app that turns contacts into clients and solves the mobile CRM adoption problem of salespeople not using CRM systems because they are too complex, slow, and awful user experience.

Kahoots allows sales professionals to accelerate what they are already doing on their phone by getting the benefits of a CRM system without the cost, complexity, or concerns of giving over control of their contacts to their company.
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Jay Fisher
Elmspring Accelerating Real Estate Technology


Antonio Bumanglag
Antonio Bumanglag • Over 10 yrs digital experience: SEO, SEM (PPC), Social Media, Display, Analytics, Content Marketing, Affiliate, Email, Direct Mail and PR
Diefo Correa


Henry Vasquez

I realized Nick was a kindred spirit very quickly after we met in 1871. He has poked at this massive problem for a long time and has key insights in this market. Nick has a solid vision and the hustle to get Kahoots in front of thousands of customers.

William Robinson

I've been impressed with Kahoots CEO and Founder, Nick Petit since we met in early 2014. He's consistently provided thoughful updates on the business over that time frame. SVB liked him and the company so much that we invited Nick to be one of only four SVB clients to pitch at our annual Piranha Tank contest as part of Chicago Ideas Week.

Nick has taken a very strategic approach to selecting the right entities with whom to partner, which says a lot about his foresight and vision for the business. He's also given thoughtful consideration to fundraising as it relates to convertible debt vs. equity. By all accounts, the investor community sees Nick as a great guy.

Nick has also shown tremendous growth as a presenter in the three short months between the Piranha Tank pitch contest and the Microsoft Ventures pitch contest. My perception is that he's a rising star poised to lead a dynamic organization with a national and global scope.

Thaddeus Wong

In 2000, @properties was a chicago start up. Today we are the largest independent Broker in Illinois.
My relationship with Kahoots started by receiving a cold call from Nick. His idea to revolutionize the value of contacts through sphere of influence recommendations was brilliant. The opportunity for a business to seamlessly brand itself through the network of past clients is priceless.
For the past six months our internal Kahoots broker board has been modifying the Kahoots app so that it flows seamlessly for both business and customer expectations.
@properties has become a leader in adopting innovation. We could not feel stronger that Kahoots will revolutionize contacts, create the easiest and simplest way to share recommendations, while creating the most valuable marketing tool for businesses.
Kahoots will be a leading contributor to @properties growth while creating the most effective and valuable marketing opportunity for businesses everywhere.



Kahoots has a smart and savvy leader in Nick Petit. Kahoots has focused on a big time pain point when it comes to managing contacts on a mobile device and the solution is elegant and intuitive. Nick’s network has him connected to a variety of verticals including real estate. Through those connections, he has the opportunity to drive adoption and expand exponentially.

Kahoots would benefit substantially from the environment and growth opportunities inherent in an accelerator such as the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. As a result, all types of sales groups from SMB’s to enterprise sales groups could find material benefits from better on device contact management. Kahoots could benefit additionally from integrating with Office 365 and Office 365 would benefit as well from a powerful, smooth, easy to use contact management interface. At the same time, Kahoots would be able to significantly expand its market reach and ease of customer acquisition further spurring adoption.

Mike Bechtel Co-Founder at Ringleader Ventures

Kahoots has a clear and elevating premise: People trust their friends' recommendations, but don't have an elegant way to see who their friends recommend. By building a network of transitive trust, Kahoots solves this problem, and them some. I see big things ahead for Nick and team.

Brandon Berger

The contact space has not been truly disrupted since social network platforms, it primarily owned incumbent OS products and has not been a priority for the OS developers like Google & Apple. For the first time, the contact app has the ability to be a real consumer utility and the Kahoot platform could be that utility.

Nick is a driven & passionate entrepreneur, he is committed to solving the pain points in the one product used by all mobile device users. Not only is Nick committed to building a revolutionary experience; he is dedicated to building the marketplace.

Built by bootstrapping, partnering & passion, if Kahoots had the benefit of MS Ventures Accelerator the product could be quicker to market & it could impact all aspects of the entire mobile experience & potentially the ecosystem.

For MS Kahoots could be a critical tool in creating a deeper loyalty with the Office 365 user. Not to mention Kahoots could open up a powerful CRM channel for MS.

Jim Spinello

Nick and his team have identified a very large pain point, defined a creative, scalable solution and have crafted a plan that they can execute. That alone can set some startups apart from the pack, add to the mix a drive and focus to not stop until they reach their goals, that's what you get with Kahoots. I love this team and I love this company!

Biju Kulathakal

Kahoot’s is a great concept that will change the way people will look for professionals based on trusted recommendations. There is nothing else in the app market which solves that problem as well. This app is one of the first to mirror a work flow that we do in the real world when it comes to choosing service providers. Nick is an impressive visionary who sees the wave before the rest of the market does. He’s built an impressive team and secured great networks to pilot and test his idea. He would be well suited to work with Microsoft’s accelerator and benefit from their ecosystem.

Chuck Brinker

Nick is one of those rare leaders that is somehow able to balance an insatiable curiosity with an acute focus on getting results. His passion for the people and ideas around him is always apparent.

Nick's consulting experience in innovation has developed him into a bit of a polymath which allows him to solve problems regardless of his direct experience in that particular vertical/business.

All in all, I can't think of many people who I'd rather have by my side as a friend or business partner.

Mark Layden

Nick is doing fascinating work to reinvent an overlooked element of everyone’s work, the contact list. It is incredible that this need has not already been addressed but I have watch Nick fully commit to this mission with abandonment. His enthusiasm and considered approach has drawn many of us in to help and advise him. He has done an incredible job of attracting and motivating talent to develop ever improving applications to address the need that he has committed to resolve. I have been impressed by his tenacity and willingness to pivot his company’s approach to focus ever more closely on the need and resulting value. Personally, his consulting background, which was always centered on driving results, coupled with his innate organizational talent and affable personality has helped him be more successful more quickly than I have seen in many other similar ventures. Nick comes with my highest recommendation and I wish him the best with this exciting opportunity

Patrick Hayes

I've known Nick for 7 years and worked with him the past two years on his efforts to develop a Killer App to solve the “Personal and Trusted Networking” conundrum for businesses and consumers. Nick exudes personal integrity, professionalism and leadership. I’ve spent time working with Nick as he developed the initial commerical release and then pivoted the company and product to Kahoots- a better mouse-trap than anything that exists today in it’s space. Nick’s vision translates into an innovative platform and multi-sided business model, capable of extending into multiple business segments, meeting a wide range of needs for the platform customers (businesses) needing to reach their customers, and for the consumers struggling to find business services to address their needs. This product shows the range of capabilities that Nick and his team have. Kahoots is truly game-changing. Microsoft Ventures Accelerator will be well-served by bringing Kahoots into the program.

Howard Tullman Board Advisor at Hightower Advisors

Kahoots is a member company of 1871. They offer an intelligent address book that connects and updates inaccurate and old contacts, keeps them accurate and organized, and provides access to professionals in the users’ social networks. I strongly recommend the company for participation in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.

Kahoots was one of seven companies to pitch at the Accelerator’s Open House on 1/23. Kahoots swept the People’s Choice awards, winning all three categories: Best Pitch, Best Story and Most Aligned to the theme of Digital Work.

I believe that the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator would be particularly beneficial for the company. The Kahoots product already integrates into Office 365 and can benefit from technical resources and guidance from Microsoft. I give Kahoots my highest recommendation for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.

Jay Fisher

I believe that Kahoots has an excellent opportunity to revolutionize the way contacts are used on smart phone. The ability to clean up out of date contacts and then to use trusted contact to get recommendations will provide the incentive for smart phone users to switch to Kahoots and share Kahoots with their friends. Once Kahoots is widely used there will be great revenue opportunities in linking businesses to users.

The CEO Nick Petit has taken the idea from a germ about getting better recommendations to a beta test product in the past 6 months and has also developed a business relationship with @ Properties that will help him jump start distribution. Nick is bright, energetic committed and capable.

Bryan Schwartz

Nick is going to make this company happen. He has invested his heart and soul into coming up with an app that will revolutionize how we use our friends and key contacts to provide warm leads and referral sources that have value. His approach to this start-up will separate the company from the myriad of garage bands that never make it out of the driveway. I am confident that this is gonig to be a break out app and with Nick's leadership, it will only get better.

Mike Moyer CEO at Slicing Pie

I've know Nick Petit for some time and he falls into the rare category of smart/coachable which I believe is the perfect combination of personality traits for an entrepreneur.

He learns from his progress and his setbacks and applies what he learned to his next move. He's not the kind of guy to make the same mistake twice.

Additionally, he incorporates new information and advice into his approach without following it blindly. He seeks to understand concepts before testing them in his own situation.

Nick is destined to become a successful entrepreneur.

Anand Arkalgud

Nick has done an exceptional job of incubating and nurturing the idea to make it what it is today. I love the way the idea has gone through a few key pivots and now addresses a simple yet important need for anyone who relies on contacts to run their professional or personal lives. The focus on commercial real estate is a great starting point and will only open up many other ways to leverage this concept going forward. With his passion, a good ear for feedback and advise, and his business management skills, I have no doubt that Nick and the team will taking this all the way!

Brad Gerstein VP, Experience at Kahoots

In addition to be an innovator and world class business leader, Nick Petit has put together a stellar team of technologists, designers and marketers to develop an app that addresses a major hole in the app marketplace.

Kahoots is in a position to be a very successful app provided it has the necessary capital and resources to continue to scale operations and enhance its key product offering to consumers and businesses.

Martin Schray

Kahoots has exceptional leadership in Nick and Aaron. Kahoots has uncovered an unsolved pain point in organizing and managing contacts on a mobile device as well as an eloquent solution. Kahoots perfectly fits the digitial work category of MS Ventures 2nd Accelerator. Nick’s network has him connected to the real estate vertical were he can drive deep adoption and expand from there. Imagine the tens of thousands of real estate agents with smartphones that could benefit from better on phone contact organization and management through Kahoots, thereby increasing their efficiency and sales.

I believe there are natural customer and technology acceleration engagement that Kahoots could benefit from by being in the accelerator. Enterprise sales forces would benefit from better on device contact management. Kahoots could benefit from integrating with Office 365 to significantly expand their market reach and their customer ease of customer acquisition further spurring adoption.