Kalle Launiala

Kalle Launiala

Software development entrepreneur with vision to catalyte sw business
General Engineer
Helsinki, Finland
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Systems
ProtonIT Oy

Owner @ProtonIT Oy • Employee

Oct '05 - Present (13 years 4 months)

The Ball / ProtonIT

CEO @The Ball / ProtonIT • Co-Founder

The Ball - The Information Ecosystem


CTO @Agens • Co-Founder

Agens is an innovative concept aiming to digitalize legal industry.

Amazing things Kalle's made
I've built full cloud and private hostable software platform, that controls and accelerates software development in very constrained manner.

The platform is called "The Ball", and it's designed to be ran by individuals themselves, or better yet, trustable hosting providers FOR the consumers. The architecture is simple and transparent and focuses on keeping private information private.

In banking & financing context it would mean simply this: bank could offer their trustable infrastructure to allow "ecosystem of value adding providers" to run and offer purchaseable and subscription services to customers.

Bank could also offer their own services, but moreover simply offering a channel for others to provide the services, would allow bank to focus on the customer and their interest - securing the customer relationship while still allowing free services from 3rd parties to enrich customer's expereience and services.

Jarkko Hämäläinen Owner & CEO at Leading Edge Mentoring Ltd recommended Agens where Kalle is Co-Founder

Agens is changing the current way of working in legal business and utilizes latest digital components and scalability to provide new efficiency into business.

Matti is ideal person to head this kind of change with his substance understanding, ICT skills and process optimization mindset.

Raimo Voutilainen Advisor at Agens recommended Agens where Kalle is Co-Founder

I recommend Matti Muukkonen. I have known him over a year and we have met in a high level executives ' seminar. There the participants give presentations to each other in turn and comment each other's presentations. Matti has given insightful comments to others and given excellent presentations where he has discussed among other things the establishment of startups in novel areas. In addition to business related qualifications Matti has a doctoral degree.