Karin Angerind

Karin Angerind

I am a typical doer, who has a sales and marketing background and has run two different restaurants.
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Fooever AB

CEO @Fooever AB • Co-Founder

A digital market place for local food

Amazing things Karin's made
I started a restaurant for low carbs in central Stockholm just when LCHF started to get hot. I made an existing deli a very well visited lunch spot, and also took catering orders. From this experience I understand the greatness of being found by and marketed to interested customers in a food marketplace.

Sophie Åhsberg recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

I really believe in Fooevers concept. Its sustainable and smart with the best timing at the market. It connects foodproducers with consumers in an easy way. Its a positive trend that consumers get more concerned about where food come from and that less food get thrown away. I also know Karin as a very talented business woman who manage to start up and run a company like this. Therefore I think Fooever can develop to be a really success!!

Anna Edebo recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

To get a market place for free is super interesting for most food producers wanting to skip the intermediaries, especially since Fooever will spend money on marketing and let their food be seen by lots of potential customers locally. With the Kickstarter campaign to get affiliate partners, I am sure Fooever is on the right track. The management team - what can I say? To work that hard, and come this far, without pay and with so little means, that is very impressive.

Jack Killian recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

Great concept, will be the next big thing!

Malin Sternerup Byggnadsförvaltare at Trafikverket recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

I know Karin to be a real doer! She's efficient, trustworthy and delivers good results within time. She's a brave person, who isn't afraid to take on adventures or to try out her good ideas, but at the same time she keeps her feet on the ground. I give Karin my warmest recommendations!

Julia Hallström Controller at Panda Security Sweden AB recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

Fooever is an interesting and exciting concept that I truly believe in. Not only because of a great idea, but because the persons behind it are highly driven, creative and business minded. Together they have lots of experience in sales, marketing and in project management and actually also from running several restaurants. Karin Angerind seems to have unlimited energy and there is no idea too strange or difficult for her to implement. She has the ability to combine structure with a very flexible mind, which I think will be very useful as Fooever grows.

Jonas Åskag Account Manager at Panda Security recommended Fooever AB where Karin is Co-Founder

Karin is a valuable colleague who is always over performing our team goals as well as her personal.
She makes things happen she is a real Duracell Bunny she newer runs out of power.
She is creative in finding new ways to do stuff and rethinking if somethings are not as efficient as it could be.
She can make miracles out of small budgets to always get the best value out of small means.