Karl-Heinz Fiebig

Computer scientist with great affection for learning systems and risky explorations to the boundaries of intelligence in technology.
Back End Dev • General Business
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • C++
  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • Statistical Modeling

Machine Learning and Data Analytics @idatase GmbH • Employee

Sep '16 - Present (1 year 5 months)

CTIO @ idatase • Co-Founder

One Team - One Product - One Aim - To make the best of IIoT

Amazing things Karl-Heinz's made

IEEE Brain Initiative Best Paper Award, Oct 2016 for "Multi-task logistic
regression in brain-computer interfaces" at the IEEE SMC 6th Workshop on Brain-Machine Interface Systems, 9-12 October in


Co-Author for a chapter called "Transfer Learning for BCIs" in "Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical
Advances" (2017)

"Bayesian Regression for Artifact Correction in Electroencephalography", 2017

"Multi-task logistic regression in brain-computer interfaces", 2016

Came to really love IT through his conscription time with the German army by working with high frequency communication and went directly for it when he had the chance to study at technical university of Darmstadt and switched from his rifle to a keyboard.

Proud of his purple belt in karate at the age of 12

Darmstadt University of Technology

Computer Science Oct 2009 - Present


Lutz Fricke recommended idatase where Karl-Heinz is Co-Founder

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