Karthikeyan Rajasekar

Karthikeyan Rajasekar

Chennai, India
Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited

Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited • Employee

We design, build, test and launch orbital class launch vehicles (rockets)


Satyanarayananan Chakravarthy recommended Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited where Karthikeyan is Employee

Agnikul is the most promising startup out of India on mini launch vehicles to space orbits. It has certain USPs such as a modular design adaptable to payloads and 3D printing approach to rocket engines that keeps the focus on the customer need of minimum wait time for satellites to be launched into space. India being quite successful in its space ventures, there is a pool of experienced talent available at low cost that Agnikul is counting on to offer the best launch price per kg of payload at the minimum wait time, which is unbeatable, globally. With smart connects around the world and plans for operations in different countries, Agnikul is leveraging globalisation like no other company in its league. There is huge promise of them making it big in the next few years ahead of a host of others in the race, and moving on to bigger goals such as space tourism, moon trips, etc.