Karthikraj Duraisamy

Karthikraj Duraisamy

A core tech guy. Believes in building great Product, UX and writing good code. A cyclist and full-time father of a star-to-be.
Mobile Dev • Front End Dev
Bangalore, India
  • Agile
  • Agile Project Management
  • Android
  • ios
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Lean Initiatives
  • Web Applications

CTO @OYKU • Co-Founder

Modern platform to publish & stream immersive audio drama, stories & series

Amazing things Karthikraj's made
1. Won Code2Lead National level 12 hours hackathon.
2. Writing blog posts occasionally about Android.
3. Have built some small day-to-day apps for utility and fun such as Wifi w Geofence login etc
4. Occasionally contributing to the open source tiny projects.
5. Published Android apps in PlayStore under diff categories for better understanding of Appstore optimisation trends, organic growth trends and social media promotion effects.
6. Built an ATM desktop app during college, which won best project awards in all the attended inter college events.
7. Founding team member in Abaqus Inc & built customer facing core apps from scratch & brought lean practising and Agile methodologies when the team grown.
8. During college, built my college's website and a library management web app that was used.
9. Built an app in ~12 hours to help out people affected in flood during the Chennai flood 2015 with the information of shelter, medical, food and other help availability.


Mobile Web Specialist Jan 2018 - Apr 2018



Android Nanodegree Apr 2017 - Dec 2017

Anna University, Chennai

Anna University, Chennai

Master of Computer Applications Jun 2008 - Mar 2011


Vidit Paliwal Co-founder at BigStep Technologies recommended OYKU where Karthikraj is Co-Founder

These guys are building something very interesting, cool and unique, which I see will help voice based creators everywhere. I liked the fact they are building so very selected channels as part of their GTM strategy Google Home, Alexa, Android cars or auto and smart headphone platforms - great targeted places to find their audience.

I was part of their beta testers and heard a few stories on in my Alexa device and I thought that content was really entertaining. I can see why and how people will like these stories. I’ve known Karthik and Shreedhar over the last few months right from early days in their journey. I find their speed and progress so far very impressive.

Kannan Kandappan Co-Founder at Cashkumar recommended OYKU where Karthikraj is Co-Founder

Stories have been around for a long, long time. As kids or adults, we enjoy listening to a story or narrating one to someone. In that regard, I’m very excited about Oyku.

With Voice being touted as the next OS and with modern user channels for listeners such as voice-enabled smart devices capable of bringing the thrills, excitement and emotions of storytelling into people bedrooms and earphones, Oyku has the capabilities of expanding into a complete platform, connecting brilliant story narrators with interested listeners.

I have known Karthik for a while now. He is a core product-minded developer and has the right mix of product skills, coding abilities and dedication to execute this idea to fruition. I am very confident that team Oyku will not just build good product, but also deliver value for everyone involved. Wishing them all the very best!

Devashish Mamgain CEO at AppLozic (MobiComKit) recommended OYKU where Karthikraj is Co-Founder

Oyku is a very interesting idea that’s focusing on publishing and streaming audio stories. The fact that today’s internet is fueled by content creator makes it very appealing. I like the choice of end-users aka listeners platforms they are prioritizing for such as Alexa, Google homes, headphones etc.

I have known Shreedhar for a few years now, I have found him very capable and trust his abilities to deliver. I wish the Oyku team the best!

Ragupathy Velusamy Co-Founder at ClearStock recommended OYKU where Karthikraj is Co-Founder

Who like stories? The question should be who don’t? Everybody like to hear stories. Then why are we not listening stories? Because nobody is telling stories anymore. Oyku, a Bengaluru based startup is trying to solve this problem for us. It is a platform for storytellers and story listeners exclusively. No other content, just stories. A brilliant team. An interesting product road map. An inevitable product. Oyku is a product of all these three things together.
Oyku is trying to solve this problem using the cutting edge technologies like AI and machin learning, voice interfaces, etc. The current experience on Amazon echo is perfect.
“Alexa, get my bed time story”.