Katherine Schildmeyer

Katherine Schildmeyer

Fashion Design / Product Development/ Manufacturing
UI/UX Design • General Business
Salt Lake City, US
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • 3D rendering
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Apparel
  • Art Direction
  • Coaching
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design Thinking
  • Fashion Design
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Merchandising
  • Scheduling
  • Sourcing
  • Storyboarding
  • Technical Writing
  • Textile Design
  • Textiles
  • Training & Development
  • Visual Merchandising

Manufacturing & Technical Design @Changewear • Co-Founder

A women's lifestyle brand meeting women where they are in fit, support, com

Sep '17 - Present (2 years 4 months)

KS Apparel Design

Consultant/Founder @KS Apparel Design • Employee

Aug '12 - Present (7 years 5 months)

Juicy Couture- Manufacturing

colorist @Juicy Couture- Manufacturing

Jul '12 - Nov '12 (4 months)

Banana Republic

Managment @Banana Republic

Jan '06 - Sep '10 (4 years 8 months)


Managment @Nordstrom

Jun '99 - Dec '06 (7 years 6 months)

Amazing things Katherine's made
A selection of bra's & panties that converts to the users need. Patented pocket design allows for cups to change. Problems to be solved included stretch factors, cup mold issues, the color was crocking. All issues solved and delivered. The process was four months to approve all design samples for fit, color, and etc. I have also developed a 10ft wide IFR material that required global textile and fire testing needs to be sold in specific states, and international markets. The textile was used for stage and public meeting space design. The process took one year to achieve. Lastly, 10 collections for Little Miss Tennis.
FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Electronics in Fashion Oct 2010 - Jun 2012

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Apparel Manufacturing Oct 2010 - Jun 2012


Tyce Winship

I have known Katherine for 10 years. She hired and trained me when we were both working at Banana Republic and has been a mentor ever since. I only have great things to say about her. I truly believe that because of her training and mentorship I would not be as successful in my career as I am now. Her knowledge and experience is unparalleled to anyone I know. Katherine is also one of the hardest working people around. She puts her heart and soul into whatever she does and it really shows in her design and final products. I can whole heartily say that I would recommend her without any hesitation.

Navae Lukas

Katherine knows more about fashion and design than I know about the skin on my face. You see something and you think you know the ins and outs of it, but then she comes in and shows you both the greater and finer details that if missed - would cost you quality of product as well as time and money. Her work is detailed, her guidance is clear and compassionate and her integrity speaks for herself. The industry is lucky to have her.

Nitin Rai recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have known Michelle Judson for a few years. She has been very active in the TIE Oregon entrepreneur ecosystem in Portland. She has been diligently working on her Changewear idea for the last 3 years and has made tremendous progress. I would highly recommend her for any path she chooses to take to build and grow her business.

Grace Denise recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I would like to recommend Katherine (Katy) Schildmeyer. I met her in 2014 as a start up clothing designer. Katy worked at a manufacturing company, and was placed on my team for the strategic planning and development of my clothing line. Katy was able to maximize my small spending allowance by creating cost sheets with projected production goals. She also did trouble shooting on problem areas I had with future predictions. She offered me solutions and alternatives to these areas which enabled me to proceed rapidly with full production pieces that worked within my budget.
Katy also implemented line sheets that included technical design elements that made planning easy for me. I learned a great deal from her expertise in design, technical components, and financial aspects. Katy would be a great benefit to Changewear due to her experience, goal oriented, multi task capability’s and her integrity for people and businesses.

Danielle Ryan recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I'm the founder&designer of innovative women's clothing line called PennyPosh. Katy (Katherine) Schildmeyer helped my vision come to life; via- all of my technical designs. Her hard work, product knowledge, patience)) and the ability to see my vision will never stray me from working with another! She is always looking for new creative ways to incorporate fashion and art. I highly recommend her for any fashion related venture.

Dani Ryan
Founder & Designer

Erik Seel recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

As COO and co-founder of FashInvest (recently acquired by WWD), I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of companies looking to launch a fashion or fashion tech product into the market. I could count on one hand those that I believed had all the pieces in place for both a successful capital raise and more importantly a successful execution into the market. Changewear is one of those brands. Under the leadership of Michelle Judson the brand continually adjusted their original concept until they created a product that both met the consumers needs while at the same time adding a technology and function that did not exist with any of the competition. Simply put, they listened to the market. Add to this a sound marketing/social media plan and a realistic business strategy and it should be clear that there is no company that deserves and is more prepared for TechStars than Michelle Judson and the team at Changewear.

Anina Net Fashion Lifestyle Advisor at Posh.space recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have been cooperating with Changewear for the past several months and it’s beena total pleasure to work with such a professional team. Organized, replying promptly to inquiries and questions, working on a total win-win relationship—going above and beyond what would be necessary! I also love that their tech solves a real and painful problem for women, in addition to their philosophy of diversity. The results are outstanding! Thank you for including me Changewear!

Bob Klein recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I spent 40 years in the apparel business, 15 in the closely related (to Changewear) business of women's swimwear. The last 25 have been as CEO and ultimately consultant.

I've known Michelle Judson for a year, and have marveled at the astounding progress made from early development/sampling to production, supply chain, cost efficiencies and now growing sales success. Retail sell throughs have been highly encouraging and are starting to trigger significant sales growth. Changewear's product is beautiful, feminine, highly functional and competitively priced.

Michelle is an amazing woman. She has overcome her own personal challenges with a wonderfully strong, upbeat attitude. She is extremely bright, open to new ideas, and honest at all times. She has virtually unlimited commitment and energy. I am delighted she has put together a very capable team so quickly to enhance her efforts.

I highly recommend Michelle as a special human being, and Changewear as a Company.

Bob Klein

Gihan Gabor recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have gotten to know both Michelle and Katy. Their passion for the product and work ethic is outstanding. Their passion can be seen in the product innovation and marketing. It has been a pleasure collaborating with them.

It is exciting to see them bring something innovative and exciting to the intimate apparel industry. The product is fashionable and allows customers to be individual. I can’t wait to see the next innovation and design from their collaboration.

Ted Vayos Advisor at Changewear recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have interviewed thousands of intimate apparel stores for BODY Magazine and in doing so I have the opportunity to intimately understand and engage with this industry. Retailers try to manage their inventory conservatively and they are afraid to introduce on trend new colors. Many of these stores sell nude, black, white and the occasional new seasonal color. Michelle's patented Changewear bra is the first product that I have seen that offers them a serious solution. Retailers can now change their inventory at a fraction of the cost of what they lose marking down out of season colors by simply replacing the Colorfils inserts. Consumers that want more color are finally given a unique way to alter their favorite bra to match their own style. I help advise Michelle with retail pricing, sales strategy and manufacturing partners. I enjoy advising Michelle as she is curious, receptive and quick to adapt new ideas and plans into her business.

Jullian Fitzgibbons recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have known Katy for close to 20 years. During this time she has gone back to school for her degree in design/manufacturing. Shortly after her time in school she started her own design/ consultancy. Katy has always been a hard working, supportive friend. She isn’t afraid of challenges, and is very honest. I am aware that she only works with companies that she can believe in and stand with. Changewear has been great for her because the values of the company align with the values of the people. If your looking for unique, kind, inquisitive people, I would recommend Katy & the Changewear team.

Chad Lynch Charter Member at TiE Oregon recommended Changewear where Katherine is Co-Founder

I have watched Michelle build this co for several years and really believe in what she is doing mostly because I really believe in her. Her story is a powerful testimony of who she is!