Keith Kirkland

Keith Kirkland

We build products and experiences​ that communicate information through Touch. Wayband = A wearable haptic navigation device for the Blind
UI/UX Design • General Business
New York City, US
  • Design
  • 3D visualization
  • Accessories
  • Arduino
  • Design Thinking
  • Fashion Design
  • Illustrator
  • Mechanical
  • Photography
  • Photoshop

Co-Founder @WearWorks • Co-Founder

We develop haptic navigation device to aid the blind and visually impaired.

Nov '15 - Present (5 years 2 months)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Digital MediaLab Intern @The Metropolitan Museum of Art • Employee

Jan '15 - Present (6 years)

Digital Arts and Humanities Resource Center | Pratt Institute

Post-Graduate Researcher @Digital Arts and Humanities Resource Center | Pratt Institute • Employee

Nov '14 - Present (6 years 2 months)

Amazing things Keith's made
A wearable haptic navigation device that can guide you to an end destination using only vibration. A suit that utilizes haptic feedback for movement learning. First person in history to copy a historical garment live in the Met Museum galleries. Custom handbag maker and shoemaker.
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

Industrial Design Aug 2012 - May 2015

The Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology

Accessories Design Sep 2007 - May 2010

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Mechanical Engineering Jul 1998 - May 2004


Gabe Batstone Chief Executive Officer at contextere recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

A great team with two dynamic leaders who understand technology, business and have a passion for impact.

Nick Plante Director of Technology, Program R&D at SOSV recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

WW is a talented team of folks who are at the top of the game in haptic technology design, especially as it pertains to navigation and orientation. Moreover, they're passionate about using their skills to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired. We're honored to be an investor in such a meaningful social venture and look forward to continuing to work with Keith, Kevin, and the team in the years to come.

Shawn Broderick Advisor at Dispatch recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

SOSV has been working with the WearWorks team for over two years now. They are driven, passionate about their market and customer, and exceedingly sharp folks. We're proud to be an investor as they seek to serve largely under-served markets and improve people's lives. We're fans!

Star Childs Co-Founder, CEO at Citiesense Inc. recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

As far as truly innovative movers- these guys are the right team. They include the necessary balance of technical expertise, design thinking/process, and entrepreneurial perseverance. That's why WearWorks is solving real problems.

Mina Salib Startup Advisor at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I am impressed by the WearWorks team and mission. WearWorks's proprietary technology, which leverages haptic vibrations takes navigation tech to the next level. The technology started out as an assist to an underserved community of visually impaired individuals but has now expanded to active travels operating bikes, motorcycles or simply trying to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Longterm I see this team and company making our smart cities, safer cities.

Frank Vallese recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I highly recommend WearWorks for participation in the F6S startup program. I first became aware of WearWorks while mentoring startups in the Urban-X Accelerator cohort. Their initial product concept (a navigation aide for the visually impaired) was intriguing and seemed to satisfy a significant need. The founders impressed me with their methodical approach to customer discovery and iterative MVP development. I’m excited about their exciting product Wayband and the product roadmap.

Blake Garcia recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I am pleased to provide a letter of support and recommendation for WearWorks in their application for your accelerator. I came to know the company through working with their team on New York’s Next Top Makers. I have worked with hundreds of innovators through my work on open innovation projects at SecondMuse.

WearWorks is an excellent candidate for your accelerator. The company’s cutting-edge wearable, Beyond Sight, has unlimited potential and is the product of the team’s dynamic and high degree of technical and design expertise. Not only are they talented, but their focus, work ethic, and ability to receive and apply feedback make them exactly the kind of people an accelerator would want to work with. As a Fellow in the 2015-2016 Next Top Makers program, WearWorks made as much (if not more) progress as any of the companies I have worked with in my two years on the program.

I hope you will strongly consider their team.

Don Undeen recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I worked with Keith Kirkland when he served as a Creative Technology intern in the MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I was the Senior Manager. In the MediaLab internship program participants were required to be highly motivated self-starters, working on their own ideas in deep conversation with museum staff, technology professionals, and museum visitors. From day one, Keith's personable nature, insight, and work ethic were obvious. Through the strength of his initiative and charm, Keith pulled together a group of museum curators, conservators, and tech startups to help his realize his dream of bringing fashion to life through cutting-edge technology. He worked ceaselessly to overcome numerous obstacles, making compromises as necessary while staying true to his core idea. Additionally, Keith practiced his pitch and presentation skills continuously, understanding that a good idea is only part of the equation. I look forward to working with Keith again, he's amazing.

David Smucker Project Manager at NYCEDC recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I highly recommend Keith and the Wear.Works team to the Newark Venture Partners Accelerator. This past year we selected them from a pool of over 50 applicants to be a Fellow in NYCEDC's New York's Next Top Makers incubator. They have showed tremendous growth in a very short seven-month period- from coming out with a beautiful working prototype, to offering a killer pitch presentation. They have developed an incredibly useful and compelling product at the right time, and we have no doubt they will find success. They are a smart, personable team, always open to learning and forging new connections- evident in the interest they have attracted from the Texas School for the Blind, to the Department of Defense. They have been a true pleasure to work with, and we recommend them to this accelerator to continue to build their product and business. As NYCEDC's project manager for the Next Top Makers, I can attest to their commitment to their product and to the program.

Jeff Justice Williams, MBA Global Enterprise Success Manager at Dropbox recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I am in awe of this team & their creation of WearWorks. I've witnessed the evolution of their ideas, the iterations of its development and the end product in use. This could be a step towards redefining the utility of wearable tech.

I lead the Enterprise Success division of Dropbox. Dropbox is another company which has redefined the way humans interact with one another around the concept of "space". As Dropboxers consistently challenge each other to bring our best to the table, Kevin, Keith and Yong critically assess each step & possibility, and it has net them this great device.

WearWorks is not only a great product for consumers looking to enhance their experience during normal or high-intensity activities; it is also a tool that impacts the ability of the sight-disabled & visually-challenged by moving them closer to the spectrum of experiencing the world similar to those with sight.

I strongly recommend this team to the Accelerator. Any info needed will be happily provided.

Oscar Pedroso CEO at recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

I love these guys! I've had the pleasure of getting to know them well through Next Top Makers and casual outings after program events! The entire team is even-tempered and measured, and they use that ability to keep people focused and results-oriented. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and they always finds new ways to tackle the everyday challenges of running a company. One of my favorite things about Keith is that he lives in the moment; he doesn’t dwell on the past nor does he project far out into the future. Rather, he sets his course and follows it, adjusting the path as needed until reaching his goals. The team has never been shy about articulating its goals, and progressively has made choices that improve its profile. Looking forward to seeing these guys do great things!

Elyssa Dole recommended WearWorks where Keith is Co-Founder

My name is Elyssa Dole and I help run the Next Top Maker incubator for hardware startups in New York City. I have also had a 10+ year career in the performing arts. I hold an MBA from NYU Stern. I blend a creative mindset with practical business sense.

I met the WearWorks team when they were selected to be a part of Next Top Makers, I was immediately struck by the vision and leadership of the team. Hearing Keith speak about his product and company, he goes well beyond the typical pitch, and can paint a picture of how we all might live in the near future.

When I put on the WearWorks device I became highly aware of my own body, I was able to experience the world in a new way that felt real and authentic, more human. I felt less in my own head and could sense intuitively.

I hope you will bring WearWorks into the Newark Venture Partners Accelerator. This team inspires and this idea should have the opportunity to develop and grow!