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Khalid Hamad

Head of oldest agricultural engineers. Employee at the Ministry of Agriculture and Resources water. Twenty-eight years of service.
Erbil, Iraq

CEO @khalid hamad • Co-Founder

production energy of the sustainable materials.Assembling natural power

CEO @Khalid & Sons Group • Co-Founder

Production from sustainable materials . (ANP) = Assembling natural power

Amazing things Khalid's made
I want to change the world for the better .. !!
Please I just need to make the model better and bigger, good technology and this does not exist in my country (Iraq) because of our preoccupation with wars, 40 years ago.

very important :
Re-assigned device manufacturing only US $ 15 000 -20 000.

I am ready to sign a contract with you after you install the share of each one of us, provided that records the pond invention in my name.

Khalid Hamad CEO at khalid hamad

With regards to all of you
Please. There is no difference between (Khaled Hamad) and (Khalid Ahmed Hamad).
I was inadvertently written their names, there is no difference between the two: I am Khalid Hamad, and also I am Khalid Ahmed Hamad.
Please corrected something I do not know what to do.

Khalid Hamad CEO at khalid hamad

Greetings to all of you and thank you for helping me being your friend

Khalid Hamad CEO at khalid hamad recommended khalid hamad where Khalid is Co-Founder

I agree 100%
This again, I will answer this message:
And I am with Khalid Hamad application to start running on F6S program.