Kevin Stanley

I think Augustus & Vishal are a great team solving a very interesting problem. Software developers and other professionals working in a variety of fields use tools like git to version source code & other files. I think Klonio, being a simple-to-use tool for versioning databases, has the potential to be used across industries knowing that almost every company uses a database. I've tested their beta product & I love it. The fact that a non-database-pro can start versioning his database in 5 minutes says a lot about Klonio and the team's skills. I've known these guys for a few years now and I know what they are building will impact a lot of people.

Srikanth K

Klonio team has been passionately working on this idea. Businesses today have a lot of complexities in managing data. This tool when developed at its fullest form has potential to simplify managing diverse data. What I like in the team is they are marching ahead and have come so far and I am very sure any further guidance will only help them accelerate and shape this product to reach more customers. All the best and keep marching ahead!

Mangal D Karnad

Klonio is a product that has potential - bridging a gap in the database market. Augustus & Vishal are building a product (off-the-shelf) that works with several databases instead of the need for custom solutions.

Klonio also has a sizable audience; with time, every developer who uses a database will benefit from it. They are an enthusiastic team and, with the right guidance, are sure to reach great heights.

Sameer Brij Verma

Augustus & Vishal are a good team working on solving a very relevant problem around managing databases and versioning them. I like their approach to the problem and feel that with the right guidance at MS Accelerator can build something quite interesting. Existing solutions in the market leave a lot be desired and Klonio's first principles approach to managing the lifecycle (in the future) is interesting and valuable if done right.