Ko Kijima

Ko Kijima

Performance and idea-oriented with a passion to initiate a new era. Former top-ranking equity research analyst at a long-term investor
Sales/Bus Dev
Kamakura, Japan
  • Business Development
16Lab Inc.

CEO @16Lab Inc. • Co-Founder

Developer of the world's smallest IoT/Wearable module.

Amazing things Ko's made
16Lab team+great partners. We procure leading talents from around the world.

Zak Murase recommended 16Lab Inc. where Ko is Co-Founder

16Lab is a rare find in Japan's startup scene. Ko Kijima - the CEO is a visionary and an excellent communicator, who sees the future in which how technology can change the lifestyle and how people will interact with things when everything is connected. Tonu - the lead engineer is a perfect partner for Ko to realize his vision. He is a tremendously skilled multi-talent engineer and is the driving force in developing the product.
I have seen many companies making physical products, but the ability for Ko to get other parties involved and help them realize his vision is second to none. The team will push the boundaries of technical challenges with a help from their partners and I am confident that the product will be something that will make a huge impact in the next generation human interface space.