With automated marketing features, a frictionless user experience, and low fees; Komeeda provides easy to use technology and actionable data for busy business owners to focus on providing stellar hospitality....
With automated marketing features, a frictionless user experience, and low fees; Komeeda provides easy to use technology and actionable data for busy business owners to focus on providing stellar hospitality.
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Jabber Al-Bihani, Jr., E.I.
Jabber Al-Bihani, Jr., E.I. Motivated to enhance the consumer & community experiences through the digital landscape.
Startup Boost 2020 Spring New York
Startup Boost 2020 Spring New York Leading pre-seed stage startups towards Accelerators, Investment, Revenue.
Startup Next NYC Fall 2014
Startup Next NYC Fall 2014 Startup Next is the #1 startup pre-accelerator in the world


William Mantegna
William Mantegna Engineer Full-Stack Web Developer


Hannah Kim
Heidi Pearl
Heidi Pearl Art Director
Marisa Kontovrakis
Marisa Kontovrakis Marketing I'm a connector of dots overseeing marketing and branding to provide value to users.


Ahmed Taha

I would like to take this opportunity to personally recommend Jabber and William (Billy) -- the founders of Komeeda -- for entry into the F6S Start Up program.

As a close friend and repeat attenedee, I have watched them spend countless hours preparing, organizing, and successfully executing dining experiences for hundreds of people. Their hard work and commitment is inspiring, and is clear that they care greatly about the satisfaction of every person in attendance.

To me, Komeeda has been invaluable. It that has allowed me listen to artful chefs explain their methodologies, embrace the thoughts and opinions of diverse co-attendees, and tell my own personal stories of food and travel -- all at one spirited table.

As a food/travel enthusiast, I have spent hours watching some world-renowned chefs and journalists on TV share their personal journeys and experiences. I have tried to vicariously live through their stories, but through Komeeda, those experiences now come to me.

Fernanda Paronetto Founder & CEO at Behind the Scenes NYC - BTSNYC

Jabber is one of the most passionate, driven and focused people I've met in New York City. His organization and work are always flawless, incredibly oriented to details and the end result is always breathtaking.
Komeeda started with a small community of food lovers and has grown into a beautiful "family" where, at every event, we meet many of the same loyal faces.
The community has grown, the chefs have also grown in their work, and the uniqueness is always present.
Jabber is enthusiastic, kind, determined and has a clear vision regarding what he wants to achieve.
His name and company has grown and created amazing credibility within the critical New York restaurants, chefs and foodies.
My company, Behind the Scenes NYC, has been their Media Sponsor for most of his events and we're built a strong and lasting partnership. We believe in Jabber's work, ambitions and vision and will always be part of what he's involved in.
Fantastic job and definitely a promising future for Komeeda.

Rick Davy

During the past year our company BK Style/Fashion Week Brooklyn has been working with Komeeda on numerous different kinds of projects. The team at Komeeda is very processional and a pleasure to work with, they offers high quality services. We can say that we are satisfied by their work and our collaboration.

One of the projects that we worked on pointed out the quality and attention to detail that the company has. One of the event (Dinner on The Runway) that we worked together on with Komeeda, the company co-produced the event, they sourced the perfect chef to pair with our fashion designer, and the Komeeda team designed the brochures, and collaborated on the event layout and set up, sourced all the items for the dinner.

The response rate was great, compare to the some of our other collaborations. In our opinion it is the knowledge and the creativity of the company that resulted in such impressive
We recommend Komeeda for any event and fun eating experience. BK Style/FWBK

Roger Osorio

I've had the pleasure of working with both Billy and Jabber on several Startup Weekend events. They have consistently served as mentors for my Startup Weekend events since early 2016 and most recently, Jabber, stepped up his involvement and served as an organizer for the most recent edition of this 3-day event.

Jabber and Billy as mentors are great assets to the event because they understand the process and challenges of launching a business and work well with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them navigate that landscape. They are dependable and always follow-through on their commitments. I can always rest assured the participants are in good hands with the two of them.

Jabber as an organizer was dependable, self-starting, and effective with all of this responsibilities. He helped us take care of all of our food needs and worked to connect us with more all-star mentors like him.

Overall, my experience with both Jabber and Billy has been extremely positive!

Monica German - Prestia CEO at Stefani Style Inc.

its always a pleasure to work with Jabber Al-Bihani and his team at Komeeda. We've collaborated several times and our events with Komeeda are always fun, exciting, and of course, allowed us to promote clients in a cost-efficient way. With Komeeda as a partner we were able to brand and market each client and attract a new audience. Thank you, Komeeda. Well done. Look forward to working with you again.

Monica Prestia
Stefani Style Inc.
PR & Marketing

Elise Fu Co-Founder at 3DCation

As a UX&UI designer at Komeeda, I work closely with Jabber and William, who are both very kind, talented and hardworking. There is no doubt Jabber has great skills in business development and marketing, and William is strong in handling the technical side. If you attend any events hosted by Komeeda, you will feel their passions for bringing people together and offering special food experiences. Everyone I met involved in the “Kommunity“, no matter is contributor like me, or attendee of events, is loving them. Komeeda started from NYC, where thousands of fantastic restaurants are awaiting people to experience food with them. Instead of just serving food, those restaurants are also eager to share the stories behind their food. That’s where Komeeda is - connecting eateries with foodies, so the experience we are building is also a great way to praise restaurant owners and chefs. Sincerely, Komeeda has great potential, and the team is ready and strong enough for next steps.

Farouk Ajakaiye

There's nothing like Komeeda.

From the many memorable experiences they have provided me with to the overall business savvy that their founders possess. I am continuously impressed by their teams ability to not only interact with business owners in a unique way that works for all parties involved, but to also ensure that everyone who interacts with Komeeda has a satisfactory experience.

Participating in Komeeda's events have exceeded my expectations from day 1 as I always make new friends that I could not have met through any other method.

I'm excited to take the journey with Komeeda as they inevitably grow to new heights.

Clarice Nakata Hall Executive Personal Assistant | Office Manager | Event Planner at Actively seeking a full time position in New York City

As a foodie and a new transplant to NYC, I wanted to find great food and meet people. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Komeeda and found both! In addition to finding amazing restaurants and food around town, I was also able to start building my own community with the people I met at the dinners and larger gatherings.

All events are professionally managed and well executed, yet maintain a relaxed, friendly and intimate ambience. The flat-rate pricing that includes tax and tip for the impressive multi-course meals can’t be beat, and there are often extra little surprise courses that make the experience even more special.

Komeeda’s business model is a win-win experience for all involved. It promotes business for the restaurants through exposure and a stream of new customers, and it brings a diverse group of people together to break bread. It's great for the economy and the community. I look forward to more adventures in dining with Komeeda!

Rosalee Nguyen

EatKomeeda is more than just a platform for tasting new types of food and dining options. Their events bring people together around a table to share an 'in the moment' type feel, especially with their Displaced Dinner series. The food is tasty and the service is friendly. The people who attend are there to meet and converse while enjoying their favorite cuisine or are open to introducing their palate to new spices. I personally go straight to the Komeeda website when friends or family are visiting and I have no idea where to go for brunch or dinner, and will go with co-workers when we don’t feel like digging through our refrigerator for leftovers or calling the same restaurant for delivery. Each event has been a different experience and I definitely with no doubt recommend this as an option for those who are looking to get away from their normal eating routine or are up to experiencing a deeper purpose or mission through food. Check them out!

Howard Schranz

I most highly recommend the Komeeda's meet-up dinners. The restaurants r very good (except for maybe 1), and the price is very fair. Most often the price of the meet-up is lower than it would be on the a la carte menu, but it is better because u can sample most of the dishes, which u could not do if u went with just 1 friend. Also, u feel like a VIP cause the manager/owner is checking up on u. Co-diners r so interesting---a real cross-section of NYC's educated and aware "elite" (not to sound snobby).

Marco Gorin Chief Executive Officer at Optimum Partners DWC LLC

I participated to two dinner events through Komeeda. Both dinners were hosted by refugee chefs and part of the Displaced Dinners series. Not only the food was a great cultural experience as the cultural and tradition context was being provided by the chefs while the food was served, but, above all the communal dining experience was made so much richer by the chefs sharing their incredible stories of determination, survival and ultimately success. I had never experienced something like this in such setting and I think it is absolutely great to be able to easily access and participate to such events through a platform like Komeeda. I look forward to taking part in many more such dining experiencing and I also look forward to an ever expanding universe of subjects to be explored and understood while dining with strangers who by the end of the meal are no longer so. A truly epic journey while sitting at the table.

Allison Thornton Asst Director of Marketing-Technology at New Jersey City University

Komeeda turned out to be a great foodie meet up and event-planning resource for me. I first assumed it would be like a lot of social groups, promoting failing restaurants, keeping things business-like, pricey and distant from being actually social. Turns out thats so not what it is. Komeeda folks are kind, welcoming, and food-loving folks who want the best time for the diners, whether you come alone, or with others. The price is always great, the environment is such that everyone has a great time, learns something about the food they eat, get to have a conversation with the chefs, and meet some cool fellow diners. When anyone comes to visit me from out of town, I include a Komeeda event. It brings people together from all walks of life and we all leave satisfied from the experience of Komeeda.