Kostopoulos Giannis

Kostopoulos Giannis

Phd in Computer Engineering and 18 years of professional experience in IT sector at medium and large scale projects management, SaMMY CEO
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
Patra, Greece
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CEO & Co-founder @SaMMY • Co-Founder

Marketplace for yachting marinas, berth e-booking and smart services

Jul '15 - Present (2 years 10 months)

I.Panaretou-Ch.Kostopoulos OE-OPTIONSNET

Marketing @I.Panaretou-Ch.Kostopoulos OE-OPTIONSNET • Co-Founder

"SaMMY" - A mobile yachting companion platform & berth reservation system

Oct '00 - Present (17 years 7 months)


Playn • Advisor

Playn turns traditional sport center into smart



OPTIONSNET - R&D in Information Technology

Amazing things Kostopoulos's made
The design, development and initial testing of SaMMY platform is definitely one of the most demanding and ambitious achievement that OptionsNet (SaMMY) along with the associated team members have delivered. In less than two years period, a project team that is consisted of multidisciplinary specialists and experts for analysing the project problems outside of normal boundaries and find solutions that based on a new understanding of a complex situation, like the maritime environment, is intensively collaborating for this goal. SaMMY has been selected from more than 1000 future internet solutions as a High Potential Impact project of the Fiware Programme (www.fiware.org), important strategic aggreements have been made (Libelium, Incrediblue.com), Libelium selected the solution as a Case Study for intelligent marina management, and widely recognized media promoted the startup (Huffingtonpost, UrbanaWorld magazine, Hellenic RadioTelevision).
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras

Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras

PhD - Computer Engineering & Informatics Sep 1995 - Mar 2003

University of Patras

University of Patras

Mathematics Oct 1990 - Sep 1995


Linos Kostopoulos Software Architect at SaMMY

Petros Ganos recommended I.Panaretou-Ch.Kostopoulos OE-OPTIONSNET where Kostopoulos is Co-Founder

Petros Ganos recommended I.Panaretou-Ch.Kostopoulos OE-OPTIONSNET where Kostopoulos is Co-Founder

As the Project Manager for the Municipality of Patras Smart City Initiative, I strongly recommend SaMMY as one of the most innovative and promising Smart City solutions being powered by a local ICT company (OPTIONSNET). We are currently preparing the specifications framework upon which Smart City solutions will be selected. Having performed a deep analysis of the related solutions that are of great interest for our city, I am confident that a solution like SaMMY will complete strategic vision of the city since it enables the connection of the urban city related environment with an important sector of the city's financial activity which involves two local Marinas and the Patras' Port. We plan to invest to IoT solutions like SaMMY in order to create an interconnected and coherent Smart City environment from which the citizens and the visitors will benefit. The fact that SaMMY is a FIWARE enabled solution, adds an overall added-value to the city of Patras as a Smart City ecosystem.

Stavros Antipas recommended I.Panaretou-Ch.Kostopoulos OE-OPTIONSNET where Kostopoulos is Co-Founder

Patras Port Authority S.A., cooperates with the Greek company OptionsNet, that it is the owner of the SAMMY platform, for more than 18 months.
We believe that adopting such innovative ICT solutions will help us in tackling marina challenges and supporting in solving some compliance problems, leading up to Patras Port Authority S.A., as a model of tomorrow. In particular the chance to validate an integrated smart system for monitoring the real time conditions in maritime environments is coherent with our planned activities, towards the using of smart digital technologies and it can bring real and demonstrated benefits to our customers and to our internal operational activities.
We look forward to continue working with SaMMY, providing modern services to our clients and we express our intention to widen the range of the electronic and mobile services that we will offer to the yachting community in the near future.
Stavros Antypas
Director of Development
Patras Port Authority S.A.